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How To Work On Your Resolutions

Hello. I’m back to work on my online business and I know you too. A new year, a new beginning with the same project my online business, nothing will change in the core but I need to keep at it, it’s not a 100 mts race it’s a marathon. This can be  the same when […]

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Happy New Year 2017
Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017! To each one of you, I wish you the best for 2017! Keep on at the good work, keep on at your online business! You will success on 2017! Leave a comment to let me know where are you come from! Alejandra.

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5 tips to make more money this 2017
5 Tips To Make More Money This 2017

It’s time of the year when most of us, and maybe you too, want to think about resolutions, I’m not a person that used to do any resolutions every New Years, so if you are looking on how to make or write your resolutions for 2017, this article is not for you. But, if you […]

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thanks 2016 arts and crafts business
Thanks 2016, It Was A Good Year

Thanks 2016, it was a good year. I know, I know, you might want to say, “Hey Ale, 2016 has been a crazy and really messy year!!, (I just can’t write down here some words that would describe what I feel about this year in just a few things. Novembers and December had been like […]

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Christmas Market
Christmas Market, Make The Best Of It

Yesterday was a beautiful day, winter will be here in just about a few more days, but weather had turned into wintery weather already, at least here at South Quebec. November was a dark and cold month, no sunshine for almost all month, so yesterday even was cold sun shined beautifully, so the day was […]

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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

                                    Wealthy Affiliates Black Friday. Sale $ 299 yearly membership If you want to start making some pasive income, it’s the time to discover a great community, training and a whole world of ressourses for your site and […]

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5 reasons your business will fail
5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Fail

Every day more and more entrepreneur people will start thousands of new online business and most of them will fail in the short term. Before you start your online business, be sure to take a moment to read about how and what way to do it right. You will find internet is now full with articles […]

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