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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday

                                    Wealthy Affiliates Black Friday. Sale $ 299 yearly membership If you want to start making some pasive income, it’s the time to discover a great community, training and a whole world of ressourses for your site and […]

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5 reasons your business will fail
5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Fail

Every day more and more entrepreneur people will start thousands of new online business and most of them will fail in the short term. Before you start your online business, be sure to take a moment to read about how and what way to do it right. You will find internet is now full with articles […]

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Sell More On The Internet, No More Secrets!

Hello, A business is not a business with no sales. Once you get your online business you might face the cruel reality, there are so many internet business on your niche, and every one is selling the same stuff… well now you know the truth, it might be harder then what you thought at the beginning! […]

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Happy blogger
Your Client is Looking For To Buy From You

.Hello Once you decide to try to sell what you make online, you might face or think it is not easy or fast. You opened a blog because everyone says every online seller should open one in order to sell their products, you opened and nothing happened, one day, a few weeks later and even […]

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Your online store
How To Sell More From Your Online Store

Hello, If you stop for the first time on my blog I welcome you, a new world on things and task to work on to improve to go from artist or crafter home based to a home based online entrepreneur. And if you have been reading my blog for some time, you already know my […]

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Your own online store
Make It Easy For Your Client

Hello Have you ever visited a website because you want to buy from it, one minute later you discover this store ask you for:  Sign up  Give your name and your e-mail  Think on a new password for this site  Go to “Hi this is me page”  Then go to the store  Click here and […]

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Work On The Right Platform For Your Business.

As important as your product is the right platform you get to work on the internet. I already told you some about your client, your target, and once again, I must say, not everyone will use the same platforms on the internet, so you need to find out where your client is. Lets talk about […]

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