12 Free Blog Borders And Dividers

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12 free blog borders and dividers

Hope you have been busy working hard on your Arts and Crafts business, and doing better every day.

If you already has your business or your online business ready and working good, todays a must is to have a blog, where you can promote and talk about your business and your products.

To write a good blog post is not hard to do, in every blog post you will find:

  • Title: or headline, a good title will led readers to your blog and to each post, take your time to write a good title for your post. At the same time a title post will be a good tool for the  search engine optimization. You can add your key words on the title.
  • Publication Date: today, information is important, we share information to our clients and to our readers via blog post, date is important, as information is changing and improving day by day, and I could say, minute by minute, when your readers read a blog post, date is important for them, they will know if the information you share in a particular post is the latest or not.
  • Content: this is the main part of your blog post, always share good content, your readers will come back to your blog, when they know you are a good source of value information.
  • Images: We use to share good information in our blogs, I used to keep the link of interesting post on my favorites, lately, I like to keep track of good post on Pinterest, it’s easier to find and go back to read good post this way, a good image is easy to pin and keep it on your Pinterest board. People also use images to look for good content, it’s easy to type the key words to look for the content we want to read about, when you download images on their blog post, they write the key words on images.
  • Links: they are important to keep your readers more time on your post, you can use internal links to keep them reading more of your post. And you can link your post to external links to allow your readers to more information.
  • Call to action: If your blog is set as a online store or you belong to an affiliate market, always call to action, you have an opportunity to grow your business in each blog post.
  • Blog comments: comments are one of the most important part of a blog post, you have here the opportunity to listen your readers, they can start a conversation with you, always answer to them. Build a two-way conversation, and you will build a community.
  • Blog borders and dividers:, this part is not too important, but I like to read blogs where the design is nice and clean, some bloggers take their time to guide the readers from the start to the end of a blog post. A blog border and divider will let you know in a nice way the blog’s end.

This time I have 12 Free Blog Borders and Dividers for you, they are for personal use, if you find them useful, take your time to Pin this blog post, and link to my blog.

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alejandra, arts and crafts business,

To save each image to use it on your blog, just click on the image and save it.

post border yellow

blog post border blue

post border pink

blog border green

blog border yellow a

blog border pink a

blog border green a

blog border blue a

blog border blue b

blog border green b

blog border pink b

blog border yellow b



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