12 Tips To Grow On Instagram (2019)

For any artist it is important to grow an audience, today I will give you 12 tips to grow your Instagram followers.

If you work hard to make your art, and you don’t get as many sales as you want to, these tips might give you some ideas to work on to share your work on one of the best Social Media platforms to help artists to get their work to the public and this way, they are getting more followers, and within time sales will come.

A sale takes lots of work, that is the truth, and many artists know that.

No matter how good you are as an artist and no matter how good your work is, if your work is in your studio or in your house, there will be just a little chance for your client to know about it.

Many artists know this by experience, they have been working for years to develop their own style but they get just a sale or two every once in a while.

That is not the best way to become a successful artist, and make a full income from what you love to do!

Social Media is here, and whether you like it or not, if you chose the right platform for your art, you will get all the sales you have been waiting for.

I have already told you about the best tips to grow your Instagram account, but as I keep working on it, I’m learning more tips to work on that are helping me to grow my audience on this platform and I get more visits to my website.

1 Get an account.

If you’re interested on having an account for your art business, you should get a specific account for your art, and keep a second account for your personal life.

Sharing your art on this platform, should be in a professional way, your followers and clients will be interested on seeing your new work, and your work that is for sale, not in what your do in your personal life.

It’s OK to share some pictures of yourself like an artist and your studio, or what you do when you are looking for some inspiration for your next work, but your clients will be not interested if your house needs a renovation or not. So keep these two account separated.

When you start your professional account on Instagram, take the time to find the right name for it, it will be a good idea to open it with your artist name.

2 Share a photo of yourself.

It will be important for your followers to get to know you.

Don’t be shy, and share a photo of yourself, but not a selfie, get one more professional, you can take it by yourself, but it needs to show who you are as an artist.

Your followers and clients will always love to know who is behind the art they love and they buy.

3 Write your bio.

Take the time to write your own bio, share some point of you as an artist, your followers and clients will love to know more about you as an artist.

You can write your bio when you open your Instagram account, and you can go back to it and rewrite it as many times as you want to.

4 Share the link to your website.

You might have heard about people getting sales on Instagram, well, a sale doesn’t happen in Instagram, but you can make as many sales as you want to on your website.

When you open your Instagram account you need to share the link to your website.

Some artist will have their own website ready to welcome their followers and their clients.

A landing page will be the best tool to have to make sales, but if your focus in on selling your art, you might have a website where you can talk about each piece of work that is available for your client to buy directly from you.

But if you’re working with different marketing places to sell your art, you can use linktree.com to share two or more links.

5. Take and share quality pictures of your work.

Take your time to take quality pictures from your work to share it on Instagram, a bad picture can kill any sale!

If you’re not good at taking pictures, you have a few ways to do this step, you always can learn how to improve your photography with an offline or online course, ask a friend who is good at taking pictures to take some pictures from your art, or hire a good photographer to take some pictures for you.

Your sales will increase when you share good pictures from your art.

  • Don’t get crazy with Instagram filters.

You’re client need to see pictures of your art as it is, so it’s better not to use any filter on your art pictures.

6. Hashtags.

Use only appropriate hashtags # for your art and for your art business.

Don’t use popular hashtags.

When you start using popular hashtags, this will not help your Instagram account to grow faster, as you use the popular hashtags, your post will get lost in the amount of post sharing from those popular hashtags.

Take your time to find the relevant hashtags for your art and keep using them.

When you use the relevant hashtags for your art, you will share your art with the right people who are right now looking to find the art and it’s meanful to them.

7. Post regulary

You might have heard that you need to post at least 3 posts everyday!

Well, you might have time to do it or you might not, you need to find time to share quality posts on this platform, don’t share any post unless you’re sure you want to share it.

If you share twice per week, because your work is what it needs, it will be OK. But keep posting at least twice every week, so your followers and your clients know you have been working to create more work.

If you want to post more often on this platform, one post per day will be ok, to grow you audience and get more clients.

8. Always be friendly.

As you keep working to share post about your art, you will get followers from all types: followers interested to see your art, clients and future clients, but you also will get other artist to follow you.

When other artist start to follow you, they are interested on see what you’re working on, and how you do your art too as well.

Be always friendly, welcome them and respond to their comments.

When you notice another artist start to follow you, and he or she take the time to leave a comment on your post, go and check their account, give them also “likes” and comments.

Internet business and Social Media is all about we all help each other to grow up.

Make friendships, relationships with other artists, you might be surprised on how good these relationships can work, when two or more artists become real friends, they will help each other to grow their business.

By sharing tips on what to do, and by talking about you to their followers and get you more followers and of course you always can make some sales from your art.

Be always nice, if a fellow artist talk about you and your art, return the favor.

If someone is nice to start talking about you and this helps you to grow your audiece, return the favor in the same way!

The most important thing here, is always to be honest, don’t do this just because you want other artists to mention you, do this if you really want to grow a good relationship as a friend with other artist and you will help each other to grow!

9. Don’t spam.

Spam is a big no here and on any other Social Media platform.

Don’t leave a comment and ask the followers from that instagram account to visit your account!

Don’t share your website link or store link on a comment.

If you’re working on your art, you can write comments in other accounts as many times as you feel that post is relevant to you, just don’t leave a comment to call the attention to other followers on that account.

Always play nice and be helpful, your followers will find you soon and your account will grow good and nicely when you’re a nice person on Social Media.

11. Have realistic expectations.

If you started your Intagram account today, it will take some time to grow an audience.

Beginnings can be slow, you’ll need to work hard to find the right hashtags for your own art, and to get the first followers.

As you keep working to share post from your art, you will see how your audience will start to grow.

Don’t share post about art you have for sale, your audience will love to see moments of your life as an artist and how you work on making a new piece.

Share moments from you at your studio, share some good tips to work on your style, help other people to make art and then you’ll see how your account will start to grow faster.

The best way to grow an account is by helping others!

If you do watercolor, share some good tips to new artists. They will love to get a helping hand to help them to make better work and they will start to mention you on Instagram and share your posts!

12. Be patience.

Growing an Instagram account can take time, have patience, you won’t get a 100K followers the first week!

The first weeks or months might be slow, but your account will grow as you keep working on it!

In one year or two you might reach amazing numbers!

So keep at it.


Keep a notebook to take notes about your own Do’s and Dont’s.

Every time one of your posts gets many likes and shares, take the time to write about what you did and what kind of post you shared so you can do it again.

Do the same with those post who nobody liked or shared, so you don’t lose time to share those type of posts. By doing this, it will save you lots of time and work.

When you do this, you can notice which of your works is liked by your audience, if you want to get more sales, you might get a highlight that will help you to know what kind of work you need to do to keep doing.

If you get many likes on a post you shared, but it’s not the type of art you want to work on, you might get the idea that you have the wrong client, you always can be true to your call as an artist.

If you want to keep doing the art that makes you happy, you just need to find the right client for your work.

By working this way, you will know what direction to take to keep working as an artist, and you will get the right sales from your work!

So keep at it, Social Media platforms like Instagram will be a great help for you as an artist and you will get more sales from your work.

If you have any question about this article, leave your question in a comment I will reply to it.

Working as an artist today and making a business from your art is any artist dream come true, today with the internet, all kind of artist and crafters can have the best help to start and grow their business and make a full income from it!

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12 tips to grow on Instagram

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