12 Ways To Make Money With Your Crafts


When you love making crafts and you wish you could spend all day making what you love to do, but you need to stop to go to your job every morning.

And this has been happening I don’t know for  many years!

The good thing is, now that I have my own blog I can start thinking about going from a blogger who shares what she does, to a professional blogger and make a living on what I love to do, my crafts.

There is a few ways to start making some money from your blog, and many bloggers are talking about it, I read a few blog post everyday, these posts can give me a pretty good idea on how to do to start making a real income from my blog.

Does Online Crafts Business are  ruled by the same rules as for online business?.

Yes, I think they are, and we crafters need to learn to do it.

I have been blogging for many years, sharing what I do, and even sharing my own patterns, what has happened? nothing, nada, rien!

Why?, you might ask, the answer is simple, I knew little about the rules for online business!

When I started my first blog, I shared content, but I didn’t write for an specific Niche, I didn’t monetize my blog, I used to think monetize a blog is not for me, or I read a few bloggers writing on their blogs about “Free Ads Blogger”, but times change, and blogs are here now to give everyone a new way to make a real living from them.

A new lifestyle for everyone!

Work from home doing what you love and making a real income to support you and your family.

Make money with your crafts

So if you are a crafter as I am, there are few ways to make money on our crafts:

1. Sell Finished Items

There is always costumers for your crafts, once you start selling them, a happy costumer will be your best friend telling their friends about you and what you make.

I have a friend who has been knitting baby sweaters her whole life, she is capable of knitting a baby sweater a  day, and she has had making a good income, she loves to do it, she can take care of her family, it’s a win win!

Once you create your clients, you won’t stop selling.

2. Own Your Own Crafts Store

Crafts stores are good business once they keep going, but if you want to go for this, at the beginning might be hard, and you will need to know a few things about business affairs,

Setting up a store might require to put some money on it before you start seeing some money in return, you need to read and learn more about it before you go for it.

3. Give Crafts Classes

Crafts classes are always a good option to make a living on it, I did it, and I can recommend it, there is always someone who is interested to learn from you.

You will need a place to run your crafts classes, it might be at your place, you will need a big table, chairs, good lighting, and all materials to make your crafts.

On these crafts classes, you can make two different kind of income, a fee for your classes and sell kits.

4. Write Your Patterns For A Magazine

Design and write patterns for magazines is another idea while you work on your blog, you could submit to magazines and wait for a response, if you get a yes, it will be a start, once a magazine publish your designs and patterns your blog will get some traffic to it. This is another good win win.

5. Test Patterns

You love to knit or crochet or sew, you always can contact designers to try their new patterns, I don’t know how much they pay, you always can contact to them and talk, if it is a yes for both parts, go for it.

6. Crafts Shows And Fairs

Crafts shows and fairs are always on any crafter mind, and I could talk more about this subject on another blog post, as there is much to talk about it,

If you are working on your crafts steadily and you want people to know about you and your crafts, this is a good idea to get an income from your crafts, you will meet many costumers on crafts shows and fairs, they will become your clients, and if you do this at the same time with your online store, your business will do great.

Online Business Open A New Door For Crafters

7. Sell Finished Items Online

You can create your Etsy Store and post a photo of your crafts and start selling them there, or you can create your own online Store on your blog to start making some sales.

8. Sell Your Crafts Patterns

Everytime I go to the stores, I make a stop on the magazine stand, and I could say, there are more crafts magazines than other kind of magazines, and magazines are not cheap, that means people like to buy crafts magazines because they are wanting to make something, a sweather, a quilt, decorate a tray or try a new painting.

You can stop and take a look at Etsy.com and see how many patterns are for sale, and some Etsy sellers are selling great numbers of their patterns.

9. Sell Crafts Classes, Course Online

Infoproducts are the top sell on the internet these days, where everyone is wanting to sell and make an income from what they know, and crafts is a knowledge too, if you are a talented person, you can also sell what only you can make,

What you need to do here is to be creative, innovator, if you love to crochet, try something new or a new method to do the granny squares!

10. Create YouTube Videos,

If you love giving classes and you’re not shy to get yourself on videos, this is a great way to start a good online business, you will need to learn how to record your videos, but once you get used to recording them and get on them, everything will get easier. You might be surprised on how many people are looking to watch a video to learn crafts making on YouTube.

You will need to learn how to set your own YouTube account to monetize it.

11. Write Your Craft e-books,

once again, I’m sure people love to make crafts for many reasons, people are always looking to learn how to make crafts from books, so if you’re good writing about what you do, give it a try. E-books are always a good idea to try.

12. Patterns And Tutorials Directory Blog,

I have visited blogs where a directory of a craft is shared, those blogs owners collect the link to patterns and tutorials and they make a post on their own blog sharing links, you can make an income from these kind of blogs from Ads clicks and Affiliates, you will need to have great traffic on your blog to make a living on it, but it is not impossible to do it. Just take a look to Craftsy.com and to Facilissimo.com (in Spanish)

On these Directory blogs you can also make an income selling your side bar space for ads.

make money with your crafts

If you want to learn more about how to build up your online business, you always can try Wealthy Affiliates for free, when you get premium at 47 US dollars per month, you will find a full training open 24/7 for you and a big community to help you out to get your own online business.

I thank you for stopping by and read my blog, if you have any questions about this blog post, leave a comment I will answer you shortly, if you know another way to make money with your crafts you can also write a comment to share it with all of us.

Are you making a full income from your crafts?



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    Hi, great article about how crafters can make money on their crafts, didn’t know we could make money on different ways, how great is to have internet today to help us to have an online business.


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