2015 Welcome And Setting Goals

Lets welcome 2015 with joy and happiness, in a few more days 2015 will be out present, full of possibilities.

2015 will have 365 days as every year has, as I think you like me have your blog or business or both, one good thing to do is to know where I want to get by the end of 2015, that is what goals I want to achieve on 2015.

Setting goals for my business

Goals are important for every business, they will help me to get my business to the point I want to be.

Think SMART, arts and crafts business,

To set a goal, a good idea is to follow the “Think SMART” method,

  • SPECIFIC – when setting a goal you need to know exactly what you what to achieve, for example, I want to achieve 100 visitors daily on my blog, this is more specific than just say, I want more visitors on my blog.
  • MEASURABLE – I could use same example here, to say I want to achieve 100 visitors is giving a number I can measure, every day, or every week.
  • ACHIEVABLE – set your goals in a way you know you can achieve them, this will give you self confidence every time you achieve each one of them, once you achieve one, set the next goal.

A good example here could be, when we talk about dieting, one goal hardly achievable could be “I would like to lose 50 kilos”, an achievable goal could be, “I will lose 5 kilos”, once you lose those 5 kilos, you can set another goal to lose another 5 kilos.

Same is for our business, once you get those 100 visits daily on your blog, and you know how to work to get it, you can set a goal to get 500 visits daily on your blog, achievable goals, will lead you to good results and successful points on your business and on your life.

  • REALISTIC – Always be realistic, I would love to get 1000 visits on my blog every day, but my blog is new, I need to work every day to get it know on the blogosphere, and I’m still learning about the online world and online business, setting a goal of 100 visits daily will be more realistic for me for now.

Once I get more knowledge about the online world and the blogosphere I can set goals more realistic for me.

  • TIME BOUND – Time is measurable and goals too, always give your goals a time bound, I want to achieve 100 visits daily, I will lose 5 kilos this month.

2015 Goals Free Printable Calendar.

This time I have for you a 2015 Goals Free Printable Calendar, one in Engish one in Spanish, you can print as many as you want to, set your goals, be realistic and once you achieve your goals, set more goals for you and your business.

2015 Goals, arts and crafts business,

Calendario 2015, metas, arts and crafts business,

Wish you the best luck for a 2015 full of goals achieved.

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