25 New Ideas For Your Art Blog Post

ideas for your blog posts

Hello everyone, before I start talking about New Ideas For Your Art Blog Posts,  I want to give you thanks for everyone of your visits and comments,  Arts And Crafts Business blog had reached the amazing number of 3000 + visits.

In today’s blog world, it’s hard to start a new blog about how to go from your passion to business. I’m taking one step by step, learning and sharing.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a new blog post, this is the time where I need more ideas to write about, does this has happened to you?, think it has, hasn’t it?

One thing that interested to me, it’s to learn more about what I do, and how can I do it easier and better, reading from artist that are making great, selling their art and making a real good income from their passion.

There is always new young and old artists who are looking to live on their work, I’m sure you have some to teach others, would be nice if you want to write about what you do and how you do it to help others to get that point.

My ideas to write about are these:

  1.  Where do I get ideas for my new painting
  2. How do I get inspired
  3. My Sketchbook
  4. My tools
  5. How to
  6. Tutorials
  7. DIY
  8. How to work with color
  9. New tools on the market to try on
  10. How to make a video
  11. How to get organized
  12. How to get your studio organized
  13. How do you price your art
  14. Do you  Art journaling
  15. Talk about your Studio
  16. How do you find more ideas
  17. Do you do Art lessons?
  18. Marketing Art ideas
  19. How to build an Art Portfolio
  20. Art teaching ideas
  21. Art online teaching ideas
  22. How to promote your Art
  23. How and where do you get your ideas
  24. How to write an Artist statement
  25. How to write about your Art
What are you writing about your art on your blog?

I thank you for making the time to read my blog.


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