25 Summer Blog Post Ideas For Crafts Bloggers

25 summer blog posts ideasEveryone loves Summer!

Weather is perfect, sunny and warm!

Many bloggers will post a image to tell everyone their blogs will close during Summer.

Just thinking about the idea to spend summer inside, thinking and writing during the year best time, is just not nice for many bloggers.

But, if you are blogging about your crafts and arts and working on your brand, it is not a good idea to take a long break just because it’s summer.

blog editorial calendar

To help you out with some blog post ideas, so you can work on it in advance, create your editorial calendar and work on a few blog post, you can  program to be publish them on dates you set on on your blog ahead, if you work this way, then you will have some free time to enjoy summer more freely.

keep your blog open

  1. Make and blog about your blog goals for this summer.
  2. Create a moodboard of your favorite summer colors, you can show some of your crafts made out with these colors.
  3. Make and share a summer in advance.
  4. Write a post about capturing summer moments, and how these moments inspire you and your crafts.
  5. Visit a new town on your area, and talk about local crafts or crafters. Create a mini travel guide.
  6. Write a post about some UFOS , crafters might have some unfinished projects, if summer is a slow time for you, you always can get one ufo finish it and talk about it.
  7. Crafters spend a lot of time on their studios, and many of them work on a work table or desk, you can share and blog about how do you keep yourself in shape during summer.
  8. Challenge yourself or your followers and friends about 30 days summer photos sharing
  9. Organize a meet up with local crafters and blog about it
  10. Organize and blog about a day off.
  11. You can blog about your summer crafts books reading, make a list of crafts books and link to amazon.com, in case you have your affiliate program, this is a good idea to make a few dollars more during summer.
  12. Write about  a way to create the carefree feelings of a vacation at home.
  13. Write about a crafts free day
  14. Plan a visit to a new crafts store in your town or city.
  15. Visit a crafts show and blog about it
  16. Do a summer craft tutorial.
  17. Do a summer craft from Pinterest and blog about if it was a success or not.
  18. Take a day off to make a summer picnic with your favorite summer salad
  19. Talk about your first summer crafts material purchase
  20. Talk about your first summer outdoor gathering
  21. Craft something with summer flowers and make a tutorial
  22. You might visit a local craft’s market, you always can blog about it
  23. Share a photo tour of exteriors in your neighborhood
  24. Talk about your favorite summer food
  25. Blog about how you plan ahead your time off during summer.

Add your own summer idea below

You can use this Month Planning free printable to make your Blog editorial calendar, thanks for using it for your personal use.


editorial summer calendar

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