3 Tips Before You Start Your Blog

3 tips before you start your blogHello everyone!

Lately everyone wants to open a blog, and mostly because everyone has listened having a blog it’s a good idea for a job, we could make some money from it.

And  it can be true, if you are looking to open a blog as your day job, before you quick your job, you need to learn how to do it, and also you will need to be sure you want to work hard on it, it will take time, hard and smart work before you can live from it.

3 Tips before you start your own blog
  • What do you like to do or make, what is your passion. For crafters and artists, this is something easy to find out. I would prefer to spend my day at my studio, sewing or painting instead of going to an office and work all day with office work.


  • You will need to find out what are you good on, and by good on, I mean, really good on.  I have seen knitting teacher explaining what to do to students so good and so simple, that every students can knit a sweater in a week, I also had seen painting teachers giving classes like you were in heaven,  when you work on your own blog and you want to make a living from it, this is what you need to do, your visitors will visit your blog, because you explain your crafts or art so good, they can follow your instructions and they can make what you explain at their own homes.


  • Is people looking for it?. You need to find your niche on something people is looking to find more about it. Will you start a blog on knitting underwear as our grand mothers used to knit?, I don’t think this would be a good idea, but how about starting a blog about knitting for babies, I’m sure there are many grandmas looking for easy to follow patterns to knit for their grandchildren, and also new moms are looking to learn how to knit for their babies.

Once you know these 3 tips, and you decide you can start your own blog, you need also to know.

  • You will need to know you audience, who are the people who visit your blog daily or often, what they want to know or learn from you.
  • You will need to learn more about your passion, to give more to your audience.
  • You will need to work hard and smart on your blog, you will need to learn how to write and give value information to your readers.
  • You will need to be willing to learn more, listen to other bloggers and your readers, to get yourself out of your comfort zone.

Can crafters and artist do this?, yes we are!, I’m sure we can do blogging for business, we have lots to offer to others, we enjoy the process of creating, and must of us I’m sure love to teach. There’s a business on crafts and art.

I could say, in my personal opinion, blogging has been a long way for myself, my first years of blogging, I knew little about making a business on it, last year has been a learning curve, once you find a mentor, it’s easy to follow and learn from him or her.

My advice would be, find and follow one mentor, learn from him or her, work on your blog or site, start making your own business, once you learn enough, move on and learn more, everyday, internet business change a lot, I need to read, study and work on my sites every single day.

I thank you for reading this post so far. If you are wondering who is my mentor now, it’s still Wealthy Affiliates, I’m amazed on how much I can learn from Kyle, Carson and the great community of all kind entrepreneurs.  Yes this is an affiliates post, once you join it, I will receive a % , but it will cost you the same price as if you join Wealthy Affiliates by yourself.

Kyle and Carson had built a great business where every single blogger can learn from them to build up an online business.  No matter you are a crafter, an artist or other kind of entrepreneur, you will learn there all you want to learn for this wonderful world of online business.

You can sign up for free, take a look, learn, and then you can upgrade to premium!.

If you have any questions, you will find me there to help you out as the great community.

It’s time you turn your passion on your online business.

I’ll see you there!

Alejandra b



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