5 Reasons Why Your Business Will Fail

Every day more and more entrepreneur people will start thousands of new online business and most of them will fail in the short term.

Before you start your online business, be sure to take a moment to read about how and what way to do it right.

You will find internet is now full with articles that will tell you to open your blog and make six figures income right away, and you might sign up on those business to buy one or many courses from them just because they promise you will do fantastic!

And you can do great with your online business, but to tell you the truth it won’t happen that fast and it won’t happen just because you open it and that’s it.

You will need to work hard, you already know you have a passion, you love to work on what you do, and you know there is people wanting to know from you and your product.

You will need to work on the first steps to start your online business, you already did it and you opened your online business, and you might be in the point to discover what those business who promised all the best for you and your business hasn’t happened the way they told you.

It’s time to take a moment and I will tell you 5 reasons why your business will fail.

Fast Business

If you think that to start an online business will happened just because you started a blog and you will be getting a lot of money on your bank account or on your PayPal account. I need to tell you this won’t happen this way.

You will need to work hard to build up your online business, the same way or even more then if you have an off line business, you will need to know who is your client, and what needs they have.

You will need to get the right platform for your business, even on the internet business are different from one to the other, once you get the right platform you will need to learn how to work with it and you might need to learn a lot about technology.

Your business can fail on this point, if you don’t understand or know how to work with technology

2.Think on Money $$$$$$$$

When you started your online business you could be thinking more on all that money you will be making from it, and you never thought about what is more important… your client.

Your client is a person will needs.

You know you are a talented person with a passion on what you do, but just thinking about it and making a product based on it won’t make much money for you.

You need to think on your client and what needs they have that you can solve for them with your product or service, then it is when you will have a business to work on. Then is when you will have some money going on your bank account.

To think on your client and its needs is more important for your business than just thinking about all that money you will be making.

3. That crazy technology

You know how to knit or you know how to paint, and you know there is some people interested on what you do, now it’s the moment to think about starting a website or a blog to share your talent with your client.

Take some time to understand and learn about the technology you will need, you might need a website, a blog, a PayPal account at the beginning.

Then you might need to learn some about how to make videos, to share them on Youtube or Vimeo, how you will work those videos to take them to your client, you will need to learn about how to edit them. You will need to learn about one program to work on it.

Will you be making webinars to let your client know about you and your business, you will need to try a few of the platforms to share webinars, Zoom.com

On this point, if technology is driving you crazy and you have learned a bit but there is one point when you face to a wall and you spend lots of time to get it right, might be the time to think about hiring someone to help you with technology.

You can hire a helper or you can find some online business to outsourcing.

Let professionals deal with that technology that is hard for you.

4. Your product is cheap

You worked on creating a product or service in fast mood and short term.

You focused on creating a product to put on the market the next day, and it might solve a problem for your client, but it might be a cheap product and your client won’t come back to buy from you again.

When you work on creating a product or a service, take your time to create a high quality product and service from the beginning, and don’t think on a single product,

It will better to think about a series of products that will help your client to solve a problem.

  • how to open a blog e-book
  • Artisans Photography course
  • Online Marketing for Crafters and Artists Course
  • Copy Writing for Crafters and Artists Course

You already know that one e-book about how to open a blog will not help you to make all that money on your bank account, you need to think from the beginning how you will help your client from the starting point to the end of their solved problem.

Create a high quality product from the first one, and keep working this way on the following products you already know your client will need from you. This way you will be building a solid online business.

Your client will buy from you the first time, and they will come back to buy from you again, and they will recommend you.

5 I want to sell just now!!

Thinking on all that money I will put on my bank account is nice, but a business is not build in one day.

It might take some time to build up a solid business.

Take your time to think about your business and all those steps you will need to work on.

Take the time to work on a solid platform

Take the time to think on your client, listen to them, find out what their real problems they have that you can solve for them.

Create a high quality product or service thinking on your client.

And the last but not least, don’t stay long on thinking and working to get the “perfect product” for your client.

Your product will get better with time. Your client will help you to get it better with feed back,

Think about the IPad, the first time they but the first IPad on the market, it was IPad 1.0 in a few months Apple put on the Market IPad 2.0 and today you can buy the IPad 2 9.7

Your product will be better in time.

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Hope I can help you out with your online business, and you can start making some good and real money, keep on it, everyday you will know more about your business.

If you have any question about this article, write a comment, I will reply to you.

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