5 Steps To Build Up Your Online Business

5 steps to build up your online businessI have been looking for information about how to build up your Online Business,

Looks like many people is writing about it lately, no doubt, running an online business is a good option to work from home, you can find great information for free and to pay for.

But every thing I had read, lead me to these 5 Steps.

Find your power

Take your time, no matter what your niche is, you need to find what is your power, what you love to do, and what you do different, better, easier, than others.

What is your power to make you stand out of the rest.

what is your product

Do you want to make a business based on a product, a line of products or service?, or do you want to make a business based on affiliates market, ads, etc?

If you are working and planning to start your online business based on a product or service, you need to take your time to look at your product with your clients eyes.

  • what is it that make it better to your clients?
  • What kind of product you will develop to offer?
  • Why your client will buy your product?
  • Will you client talk positively about it?
  • Is your product a physical product or an online download?
  • do you have one first product and more products complementary to the first one?

who is your client

Take you time to get to know who is your client

  • Gender
  • Age
  • what kind of problems will your product or service solve to your client?
  • what kind of needs do your clients have related to your product or service?
  • will your client be a one buy or will your client return to get more products from you?

Build up your community

Build up your community on your site, every visit counts, if your content is good, and your client is the right for your content, soon you will get your followers, they will look for more of your post to read.

If you are constant on publishing your content, your readers will follow and will talk about you, they will buy your product or service and they will talk about it on their blogs or social media.

Soon you will build up a community!

Build up your tribe

Now is time to talk about your tribe, once you have a community who reads you, and follow your site or blog, and you develop your product or service that is for your community, and your clients are happy to know more about your product, you, your behind the scene,

When I think about building a tribe for my business, I can think about how people follow Ralph Lauren clothing, take a look to this video, and you will see how a tribe look like when they like a product.

No matter how small your online business is at this moment, if you work on these steps, then you will make a strong foundations for your business.

Take your time, relax, you’re doing great, and soon you will see good results.

If you’re making more steps to build up your online business I would love to listen to you, you’re always welcome to leave a comment.

In what step to build your online business are you working now?

What of these steps is the one you have more problems to work on and shy?

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2 thoughts on “5 Steps To Build Up Your Online Business

  • May 30, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    I must say your 5 steps for building an online business shows great detail for a solid foundation start on what one needs to do in getting things organized. I love the fact that you also have a banner for WA that will actually teach me how to implement your post.
    This is great.

    • May 31, 2015 at 1:15 pm

      Hi Travis,
      Thanks so much for making time to stop by and read my post, glad you like the 5 steps, yes, think if you work on making solid foundations for your business, it will be easier to run it. Take your time to work on them, a good business is not made in one week!

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