How To Built Your Community

how to grow a community

I have been blogging for some time now, I started this blog as a challenge to myself, my strong side of blogging is making quilts and drawings, if you give me some fat quarters a needle and some floss, won’t take too long I will give you back a quilt, and same will happen if you give me a piece of paper and some color pencils.

But ask me about blogging business, and business online, and all about it, and I might take half hour to give you an answer or maybe one day or two.

I started a new adventure with Wealthy Affiliates, to learn more about how to make money on internet, as I was looking for a new way for a job, I don’t like the jobs I can get in the area where I live, low salary and jobs that demand hard work.

The more I learn from WA, the more I like how an online business can be built, now more and more I know this can be true.

I also like to visit some blogs where I’m learning from, yours could be one of them, and I see more and more blogs are turning into great online business, and I’m happy this is happening, takes time but it can be done.

One thing now I’m sure I found on each one of these online business, it’s their community!

You can’t run a successful blog or business without a great community.

Why a community is so important for a blog or for an online business?

Let’s talk about just a few blogs – online business

Wealthy Affiliates,

Kyle and Carson had develop a great community, thousand of members had signed up to belong to WA, they learn from them, but at the same time, they had built a strong community where each member is important no matter the level of knowledge on internet or internet business.

Their community is ready to help each other, to teach and to listen each others. At the same time, each member can build their online business.

It’s a strong, nice and polite community to be part of.

Mayi Carles

I don’t remember how I met her for the first time (online of course), how come a little girl with a Tyrannosaur heart  from Panama has built a strong online business with a great strong community, her community follow her day after day.

She will give you everything you need to know + fun + your super power!, yes she always use on her blog post lots of + + to describe everything she is talking about. Any time you need some vitamins to keep going on your journey to go from your hobbies to your great online business, visit her, I’m sure she has what you are looking for to grow your online business.

Spirit Cloth

If you make quilts like I do, and you love all related to quilts, art, business or both, you might heard of Jude Hill, she makes of every stich an art work.

She has a great blog where she shares her work, she has built a great community around her art. She answer every comment her readers make, her readers follow her day after day.

Jackie Rueda

Yes, I know, she writes in Spanish, but she is a great example of a very nice lady from Venezuela living in Montreal and running a great online business, her business is about photography, I took my first course with her about how to make better photos of my quilts.

What I found in that course, it was a great quality of the course, and she took me step by step of what I need to do to improve my photos for my blog. I’m still working on this, not an easy step to do for me. But I found how she runs a great community that follow her, her business in on Blogger platform, she owns a great online school now, I had taken two more courses with her, marketing, one of them was with Mayi Carles,

Let’s talk now about Jackie Rueda’s community, in every course, she opens a new theme every day, and the community can comment, as soon as the theme of the day is open you can see how the comments list grow minute by minute, it’s often that a group for the community is open on facebook, to comment, to share their projects and to help each other on their journey to succeed on each one online business.

This community is so strong, even when the course is over on Jackie Rueda’s school, and it’s closed, the facebook group is still open to their members and keep working to help each other.

When a new course is about to be open at Jackie Rueda’s school, the community group talk about it, the pros and the cons to take it, but there is always people interested to learn more from her.

You can also visit Jackie Rueda’s Flirck group “La Vuelta Al Mundo” where she calls every month to everybody to share their photos with one theme. With over 6000 members and over 70K photos

Grow a strong community and you will grow a strong online business.

I could keep talking to you about online Names and business, I’m amazed of how many people are blogging about their passion, their hobbies, and they are turning it into great business.

I’m sure you know of someone who is doing the same, don’t be shy and share with us he’s or her’s name.

What do you do to grow a great community for your online business?

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