7 Ideas to start making money online


How many times you read on the internet that you can make money online with a blog?

If you have been blogging for a while and you think it’s time to start making some money from your blog, then this post is for you.

Hundred or even thousand times every single day!

But not many talk openly how you can make it real or what steps you need to follow to start making money with your blog.

First; I think you have made your idea to blog about your passion, and in this case your passion might be based on crafts or arts.

Yes crafters and artists can also make money from our blogs.

And there are 7 ways to start making money online from your blog.

The first one… hmmm not my favorite and you need to be very lucky to make good money by picking this option.


Publicity will be great for you if you already have lots of visits on your blog and on your YouTube channel.

Have you visited a YouTube channel about knitting or crocheting, just take a look on how many visits they can get in just about a few days, yes thousand!

So if you’re good making videos of you knitting and given all the instruction for a new stitch or how to make a new sweater, you might want to give it a try.

All these youtubers make money according all the visits their videos can make on the publicity.

Indirect ways to make money.

When you started to write your blog, you might never thought a blog could be a way to make money indirectly.

Let me explain more about this way, a few years ago, I got a phone call from a school in Mexico, they asked me if I could be interested on an interview for a job offer with them.

I said yes to that interview, so I went to talk with this person, she was a very nice lady, to open the interview she told me this school was looking for an art teacher, asking to people in that sector, someone told them about me and my illustrations blog.

This teacher visited my blog, read my “about me” page, made a few more questions about me with people who make art in that city, so she did her job before making that call to me.

From this interview and talk with this very nice teacher, I got to know your blog can be always like your best “business card” and you might get contacted and get a job offer.

What about get a job offer to give some knitting or art classes, or write an article for a magazine or write a knitting pattern for a yarn company.

To say yes or no will depend on you, the person or company who make the offer and of course the money.

On this point I need to talk also about you can also get a money offer to sponsor a product on your blog, once again, my advice is to know everything about the company or the person who makes the offer, if it’s good for you, or image, your blog and your business, you can say yes or no.


When you keep writing and sharing on your blog about what you do, you become an expert.

You might start a new way of knitting or painting, or you might be unique, on our trade, each one of us is unique.

Once you find your inner voice when you knit or paint, you will get followers, they will want to learn from you.

This can happen to many artist, and calling artist you might agree with me, a knitter is an artist, if you weave a basket you are an artist, you are unique.

In time, you might want to start making some money for you on giving a talk to a group of people.

The more you open your possibilities the more you will find a way to make money from your art and crafts.

Direct money

This way of making money is also a good one, more when you’re starting your own business.

This direct way to make money is when you get hired by someone to teach or share your knowledge.

One to one student class, you can make money from someone who is interested to learn from you.

Locally at your home or your studio or via internet.

You make an appointment and both parts need to set a price and a date.

How much money you can make this way?, it will depend on how good you are and how much money your client is willing to pay you.

From my experience, an art class can goes from 20 dlls per hour per student or even to 100 dlls per class per student.

I have attended to many art class, as investment on myself, during those classes teacher and students talk about this subject often, I still can remember one talk about one Mexican painter well known who was asked to give some watercolor painting to some students.

He said ok to it under his own rules: one morning per week, 10 to 15 students, but (there is always a but) students won’t be painting or working at all, they will be allowed to attend to his studio to watch him while he works, students should be all the time quiet. And the price will be 100 dollars per student per class.

Guess what happened?, everyone said yes!! his work was good and important, students were interested to pay to him to watch him painting.

When you can make some extra money like this artist sharing what you love to do, it’s always a good idea.

I know, not every artist can ask for such amount of money, but if you’re good you will get there, keep at it.

Live events

Art and crafts markets.

If your business is based on selling what you make, art and crafts.

You might want to try this way to make money from your business. For many people this way to make business has worked ok, there are many crafts markets happening every year.

All you need to do is to find the right one for you and your art and crafts.

Turn your blog to a memberships

If you’re already working on your blog selling courses, patterns or couching on how to make stuff with your own technique, and you have many recurrent clients (clients that buy from you the first time and they come back to buy from you again and again), you might want to set your blog or art and crafts online business where you ask for a monthly payment to access to a private online school where you will be sharing some online courses and patterns with your subscribers.

By doing this kind of online business, you will get a known income every month.

Online courses, tutorials and patterns.

Making a living on what you do and you love to do and make, shouldn’t be as hard as it is sometimes.

With todays great opportunity to be able to make online business a new door is open for artist and crafters.

If you’re good writing down step by step how you made that beautiful sweater or winter hat, you might want to learn how you can turn those instructions from your notebook into a PDF pattern.

You can start making some money online selling your own PDF patterns.

Online courses is another good idea, my experience on this field of business if from the student side.

Every online course I have taken, talking about arts and crafts, I’m happy to say it was a great experience.

How to make a storyboard for a children’s book, Marian Larios (Spanish)

Color Theory Marian Larios (Spanish)

Explore color with Este McLeod (English)

Write, emotion and sell with Paula Lesina (English)

A sale a day during 30 days from Creative Hive (English)

And you too, you can also start to make your online course sharing your own “how to”.

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