A Good Picture Gets More Traffic

A Good Picture,

can tell much about who you are, what kind of blog you have, what kind of product you sell.

There are many blogs I like to visit and get some inspiration from, that doesn’t mean I will change my home decoration, just to visit those blogs and look at the beautiful pictures they share, it’s like good food for my spirit.

Today, if you have a free time for yourself, I would like to invite you to visit these blogs. Hope you like them too.

Desde mi ventana

Desde Mi Ventana

Online Store: My Home Style

This blog has over 4000 followers.

content in a cottage

Content in a Cottage

Rosemary Beck share in her blog beautiful pictures always, sometime she doesn’t need to say much about the picture, pictures talk by themselves.

This blog has over 6,200,000 pagesview, almost 900 followers and share some google ads.

Manon 21

Manon 21

This blog always shares beautiful pictures, it has over 1,100 followers

79 ideas

79 ideas

If you look for some inspiration go visit this blog, it’s Facebook page is here, and it has over 53,700 followers.

As artist and crafter, I love to see the beauty everywhere, and I love to spend some time to visit these blogs, one day a good friend told me, to look what successful people use to do according to accomplish their goals.

As an artist and crafter, and think you are also one either artist or crafter, I have a blog, and looking forward to turn my passion into business and make a good living on it soon.

I take my time to see what others do, and people like, this is not about copy, no, copy is never good, but to get inspired by the beauty other shares, and to get inspired to accomplish my goals, is correct.

And for you too, to get inspired, to get ideas, and then develop your own blog and product, there is always someone who is looking for something to buy or to make, and bring some beauty in its life.

If you know about another beautiful blog who is doing great, please share the link in a comment, I would love to visit it.

Take care and see you soon.



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