My name is Alejandra and I help artist and crafters to turn their passion into an Arts And Crafts Business


Artists and crafters are always looking to find a way to let them keep working on what they love to do, and at the same time be able to make a full income from their homes and studios and even more!


You love to stay in your studio and keep working on your art and on your crafts. Little by little your studio has been getting more busy with your art and it looks by now like your own Gallery and all you think is you would love to sell some of your work and put some money in your pocket.

Today, businesses have changed, and this is something artists and crafters should know too.

Living in an era of the internet, where today you can learn how to turn your art and crafts into a successful business by your own and from home, or from your studio.

Spending a few hours per week learning the ropes of online business will help you to see the difference and soon you will be getting some sales and you’ll have more free time to keep working on your art.

arts and crafts business

I’m a self thought illustrator, water-colorist and quilter.

I’m working to get my work known and make a living from it.

I’ve been blogging for a few years and have been on the path from the beginning, with zero knowledge about how to blog and making a lots of mistakes to learning the right steps to work on every day, to turn a blog into my main source of income where I can sell my work and this way I can stay at home and work on what I love and I can make a full income from it.


 On this Site/blog I will share with you every step I do to make a real good income on my art.


I studied hospitality management, it helps me to have a good idea of what a business should be.

Today, with the internet, businesses have changed and today you can build up and run your own business from home or from your studio and make a full income from your art and even more!

I’m not a professional marketing person or someone who knows much about computers, but one thing I know for sure, I want to make a living on my passion.

As you learn the basics of building up your website to share your work with the world, you’ll be learning the secrets of art marketing.

There will be not short ways to take, you’ll be working hard to learn the “how To” and the steps to follow.

At Arts And Crafts you will find the steps to follow to help you to build up your own website where you can share your work to the world and get sales from it.

Soon, as you keep working at the same time on your art and on your website, you’ll see how you can reach all your goals to make a full income from your art and your crafts.


I have a few years blogging, but it was like a personal diary, now I have learn some about blogging and how to do it the right way. So I’m on it now.


If you want to walk with me, and do a good and real income from your passion, you are welcome to walk with me in this fantastic new way to make an income working on what you love to do and from home!.

Visit today my blog where I’m sure you’ll find something that you’re already looking for to help you to turn your passion into your own successful business.


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