All You Need To DIY Your Own Personal Planner

personal plannerHello everyone!

I hope you are having a great day or night, and you might be thinking about how to plan your week.

Yes! that’s it, we all need to plan in advance for the week to get everything we need to do this week on our planners. This will help me to get all my appointments, and all things I need to work on.

If I make a list of all the inserts I need to make my own personal planner, this list might be a large one!

Lucky for me, there is many places where I can get them all on the internet, for free or to pay for them, I just have a but about it. Some times I can’t find the right insert I need for my personal planner. Or I just don’t like the ones I find on the internet.

This is mainly the reason I started to design my own, I started to get my life more organized and it works pretty well for me.

Every time I see I need to pay attention to one thing on my life, I check if I get that idea or that task on paper, I came up to the point, I can do this about all the time.

Doing this, I can notice, my mind is more relaxed, I can set up my schedule for the next week easier and I can accomplish for thing in one week that before.

I’m happy to say, my personal planner is help me out to make my life easier!

I started this site/blog to help other crafters and artist to improve their business, I want to keep working on it, but one day, I started to blog here about how to get organized and how a planner can help you out to get more done for your business.

One blog post about this subject, and I noticed my blog got noticed by many of you!, my blog got traffic and my pins on Pinterest started to get more Pins.

A blogger dream come true!

I started to work more on more inserts for my planner, and you kept pining them up. I really want to thank you about it.

But I want to keep this blog about Crafts and Artist business, this is why I would like to tell you, that I have opened a blog for my planner “Time On Paper”, it is just at its starting stage, but with time I will be working and sharing more inserts for my personal planner, and you might find some insert for your personal planner that will work for you as well.

personal planner

Please, feel free to visit Time On Paper blog, and let me know if you find there a new insert that will work for you, or if you are looking for an insert that you think you need and you would like to get one for that need in the future, I would love to take a look and see if I can work something for it.

I thank you for all your visits here, and I hope you can find something that help you to grow your business as a crafter and as artists.


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