Arts And Craft Business Ideas (2020)

The craft businesses are booming and there’s no better time for you to Start A Craft Business to make a living on what you love to do.

As a creative person you love to create useful things with your hands, what once started as a hobby, today can turn into a profitable business.

Many people love to support creative people and they are just waiting to find you to buy your products.

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Here’s a list of craft businesses you can start today.

Jewelry Designer.

What you started as a hobby to make some jewelry for yourself has developed for the love to create amazing handmade jewelry, if you have already got some sales request from friends and family or you have been referred to someone else because of your work, it’s time for you to get to know more about how to start a handmade jewelry business.

Paper Toys

A niche that is popular and you won’t get many problems to build up a strong audience on Social Media.

Parents, teachers and people in general are always looking to find great ideas for paper toys to make with their children.

T-Shirt Designer. Arts And Craft Business Ideas

Your creativity have taken you to create the most amazing design on paper or with your computer and you’d love to know what to do to turn it into a full time work from home to make a full time income.

You can start a good business creating T-Shirts Designs, from designing logos for companies to find a niche where you can create the design that will get tons of sales.

You can find on the internet platforms where you can create your account and add your designs, when people get interested to get one T-shirt with your design, these platforms will print and ship the T-shirts for them.

Ceramic Maker.

If you love to work with your hands and you’ve learned how to make ceramics, you can start making bowls, plates and other useful things made with ceramic.

Candle Maker.

Hand made candles are popular and your clients will get them from you to give them as a gift, you can create your own designs and scents, and you can sell them on an online store, craft fairs or shops.

Soap Maker.

If you have learned how to make soaps, you can start your own home based business making them with your own scents and designs.

Knitter. Art And Craft Business Ideas

You love to knit and you wish you could knit every day but you wonder if there will be people interested in your products.

From baby clothing to winter knitted clothing, to art knitting, you have a lot of probabilities to find your place in a niche that is making lots of money for many.

Selling knitted goods or creating a knit pattern business, I’m sure you’ll be soon running a good business from home.

Greeting Card Maker

If you love to work with paper and have the talent to design beautiful cards, you can start a solid business making greeting cards or make your own designs and make them print professionally.


If you are a talented artist (beginner or professional ) you can turn your passion into your personal business, creating art today is a good way to make a living from it, and you can make a few different streams of income:

  • Selling your art
  • Freelancing
  • Giving classes
  • Print on demand

If creating art is easy for you, but you’d love to learn how to start making money from your art, you can read the 7 Best Business Books For Artists.

Toy Maker

Making toys for children from different mediums like fabric, wood, paper or plastic is a great idea to start a home based business.

Hand Bag Designer

Women will never have enough of them, if you love to design hand bags there are opportunities for you to start a solid business, whether you design them or are making them by yourself, you’ll find a good market for your product.


There’s a huge demand of quality pictures today, if you’re good taking pictures, there’s many possibilities to grow your business on something that started as a hobby.

  • Become a professional photographer
  • Sell your photos online
  • Taking photos for artists and crafters
  • Teaching

Furniture Upcycler

Finding a good shape second hand piece of furniture and turn it into a new furniture that people will happy pay for. And it can be a profitable business.

Caricaturist Artist

Can’t stop to think how people would look like when you go anywhere and you’re good at it, why not start your business as a caricaturist artist.

Many bloggers will happy pay to you for making a good caricaturist portrait of them to use as their avatar on their blogs or Social Media.

Costume Designer

Love to sew and you’re talented and creative, why you don’t give a go and try to change your career as a costume designer.

From creating the most amazing costume and sell them off or online to start your online store to sell costumes for young children.

A few moms have created their profitable business designing and sewing small costume pieces for young children.

Baby Clothing Designer

New moms are always happy to find new clothing for their babies, they will pay for small clothing that are well-made using fair made fabrics and in a healthy environment.

Create unique pieces at a good price and your business will get noticed on the internet


You could think crochet is the same as knitting, both use wool to work with but they are different, there’s a huge demand on new patterns to make with crochet.

If you love to design your own crochet patterns, you can sell finished products or start your new career as a crochet pattern designer.

Amiguri Dolls

I’m almost sure you have seen online those cute little dolls made with crochet, their name is amiguri and people are getting crazy about them.

Selling the amiguri dolls or creating new patterns to make them, this could be the business opportunity you were waiting for.


There’s a good demand of people who can do this job to add an embroidery on clothing, you can start your home based business and get an embroidery machine.

Handmade Embroidery

I want to make a different point for the handmade embroidery from embroidery.

Starting an embroidery business will be based on buying an embroidery machine and work for clients adding names and logos on clothing.

Handmade embroidery is a different niche and it could be a good niche for an artist who loves to work with a needle and thread.

Handmade embroidery is having a boom today and people are willing to pay for a good embroidery work.

From creating amazing pieces of clothing to textile pieces to sell as art pieces.

You can also think about starting your business creating and selling on the internet embroidery patterns or creating embroidery online courses.


You’re a creative artist and you love to create amazing characters, you’ll be in great demand if you start your business on this niche.

From creating illustrations for children, teens or adult books to creating images for bloggers.

You can start your own website and sharing your illustrations on Social Media, find the clients that fits on your style and you’ll get some commissions to work on.

Craft Supply Retailer

Crafters are always looking to find good quality supplies to work with when creating their products, there’s a good business opportunity on this niche off and online.

If you’re a crafter yourself you might know what supplies are the best on your niche, why not at the same time as you work on your business creating products, you could start an extra income with an Affiliate Marketing website.

Rubber Stamp Designer and Maker

From scrap booking, greeting cards making to Bullet Journalism, stamps are in huge demand, this could be your opportunity to start a new career.


You’re talented and you love to make beautiful art, people will be happy to get one print from you.

Home Decoration

With your talent and your passion to create beautiful things, you can help people to decorate their homes too.

Give people the best tips for home decoration by writing a blog or write your first book!

Being an artist or a crafter doesn’t mean you need to make an income from selling your work only, there’re more way to create a solid income from what you love to do.

Write a Book

You can share your knowledge by writing a book, from the basic steps a beginner should learn from you to a book to help others to create art on your niche.

Create an Online Course

More and more artist and crafters are working on this niche, it has a huge demand from all over the world to be able to learn from others on the internet.

It doesn’t matter what you do, there’s a huge possibility that you’ll be creating a huge audience that is right now looking for a master on your niche to learn from.

Platforms like YouTube, Skillshare, Udemy and Patron are a good idea to try.

Creating FREE videos where people can learn from you could be a way for them to know you, a second step would be to create paid membership to keep learning from you.

All you need will be to learn how to create quality videos on topics your audience is looking for today, and learn how each platform works.

PROS – You can get a steady income from the online courses, you don’t need to be there every time someone is watching them.

CONS – It might take some time and money to learn the how to, but once you learn how to do it, you’ll get better at it.

Sell Your Finished Products

As an artist, you dream to get known by your work, keep at it, share your word with a website and sharing your work on Social Media.

Your client is right now looking to find you.

Price right your work and you’ll get sales.

It can take some time to learn the ropes to be an art entrepreneur but you can do it.

How to get your crafts to your client.

As you work to make what you love to do, you’ll need to learn how to build up a website for your business.

Being good at making crafts, today it’s not enough to get sales and make a living from what you make.

Every business should have a website with a blog to get your product known by your client.

Before you attend to the next craft fairs, you’ll need to create your audience and show them what you make, as you grow your audience, they will get to know you as a creative person and your product.

A sale is not made at the moment, a sale needs time and knowledge.

Once your audience knows more about you and your products, they will be ready to buy from you!

Today, with the help of the internet you don’t need to wait for the next craft fair to happen, you can work at the same time as you make your crafts, you’ll build up your website.

You can share your work on Social Media and get a market place where you can list your products to get sales from your clients.

Now, are you ready to start your online business selling what you love to do? Start here!

Don’t miss your chance to build up a solid art business. Create your website in 30 seconds today and start sharing your work with the world, your client is looking to find you so he/she can buy your work

The more you know your client, it will be easier for you to make the right products to get more sales!

Enjoyed this post, share in on your Social Media!

Arts And Craft Business Ideas

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  • August 1, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    Wow! Great website! Great source of ideas where we can make money on the side. I am a frustrated photographer and I love taking random shots of anything around me. Quick question though, do you have any recommendations where I can sell my photos online? I am also interested in growing an online business that sells baby clothes since I’m going to be a father soon! I’m so excited but I think I have to research more on that and study the right target market.

    Anyway, thanks for this article! All the best!

  • August 1, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    Hi, your post is very educating I learn new thing about arts and crafts that I do but I don’t know how to turn it into a business, your post explain how to do it, this is a good information that every body needs because arts is a natural, and you have listed many of it so that we can detect our self like me I love drawing and photography, 

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    Hallo there Alejandra, 

    Thanks a lot for the many business ideas you have provided here. You have just opened my eyes to endless opportunities of things I would really want to get myself involved in.

    I am already thinking I would want to venture into handbag designing, ceramic making, rubber stamp designing and home decoration.

    I am also thinking that creating an online course and sharing my crafts expertise with other interested folks would be a really good idea. But then I don’t know much about the internet and creating online courses. Is there any route you know you can recommend I follow to achieve this?

    I would be so glad.


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