August Free Planner Month Cover Page.

Free Month Planner Cover PageAugust is here now, after being away for a week vacation with no internet, I’m back to keep working to build up my online business.

A new month is here, a month that can be full with so many possibilities to work on, time to stop for a moment and think about what is important for me to work on for my business.

A way to do this, it’s to write down a Goals list to achieve this month, lately I have been working on design a planner for myself, being a creative person it’s so easy for me to start one thing and before I finish it you can see me working on something else, my list of things to try on can be so long some days, not any more.

Now, just right next  to my laptop on my desk I have my personal planner, I can write down  my to do list for the next day, next week and even for next months, I never did this before, and now I can tell you it works much better for me.

Last month I did my Goals list to do and I could reach them all, this month, I have a new list of Goals to achieve, a good list can make big difference from doing nothing to reach your goals.

If you have your own planner, and you would like to keep track of your goals for this month, my  August Free Planner Month Cover Page will help you out, in one side you will get a coloring page, in the back you can make your Goals list and your To Do List, once you make each one, you need to keep it near you so you can see it often and mark it down when you achieve it.

Every month you will be able to do more, you will get used to do it, and it will be easier to plan and to work for reach your goals.

Setting goals give you long term vision and short term motivation,  will help you out to get organized and see what resources you need to achieve your goals.

Once you decide you want to work on your Goals, you can start working on your general Goals, what would you like to achieve in your life, on the next 10 years.

Then you can break this goals in smaller goals, what do you want to work on this month, on this week, and today.

Then you can make a plan to achieve these goals.

Be Realistic,

remember to reach your goals, it’s easier when you are realistic, think on goals you need to work on a period of a month, and make plans to reach each one of them.

One goal could be, have my millionaire online business, a realistic one for this month should be, upload a new coloring book on my Etsy Store.

Be precise

Set precise goals, putting in dates, times and amounts so that you can measure achievement.

– Upload my new coloring book by August 25th,

Set Priorities

When you have several goals to achieve, setting priorities will help you to focus to work on the most important one first.

Write Goals Down

Every time you achieve one goal, write it down, this will give you more satisfaction of have reached it, in time you can see how many goals you had reached.

This month I have a free month cover page, you can download and print it out, this month cover page is for your personal use, if you use it and you talk about it on your site or your own blog I will thank a link to this blog.

You can use Junior size, A5

August free month cover page A5


August free month cover page A4

Once you printed it out,

August month planner cover page 1

You can color it out,

August month planner cover page 2

Fold it, and make the holes to put in your planner.

August planner month cover page 3

I thank you for making the time to visit and read my blog, if you find this entry useful Pin It and share it.

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