Best 10 Questions Before You Start Your Online Business

Best 10 questions before you start your online business will help you to take the right decisions that will help you to reach the success you dream about.

Starting a new business is the dream for many people today, and if you can do ti on your free time while you keep working on your regular job, you wish to reach success on day so you can say ¨good bye! ¨ to your boss and then you can work full time from home.

Working from home is the best option for you.

When you think about being your own boss and work from home, you can manage your time and work on your agenda to plan your work day the way you know it will help your business to grow so you can have the perfect income you have dreamed all your life.

It can be done, but working form home will ask from you to follow some rules and learn how to go from an employee to become an entrepreneur.

You´ll be in charge of your business and your life, you´ll need to work hard and mostly you´ll be working full time, as your business grows, you´ll get to know more about it and then you can make some decisions to hire some people to help you with some tasks and it´s then when you´ll become a real entrepreneur.

Building a business from scratch will demand from you hard work and tons of time at the beginning, but as you keep working on it, and if you do the right decisions, your business will grow strong and steady, you´ll be then in the moment where you can build a strong team to work on your business and you´ll be living the lifestyle you always dreamed to live.

Here you have some questions to ask yourself before you start working to build your own business, these questions will help you to know what you need to know in advance.

In case you´re already working to build your own business and start working from home, it´s never too late to aske these questions to yourself and make the right decisions.

I would recommend you to get a piece of paper and write down the questions and write an answer to each one of them.

As the time goes by, you´ll be working on your business and your business needs will change, you can come back to this paper and you can make the changes you need to make to your answers.

As you keep working on your business, its needs will change, and you´lll know more about your business, it will get easier to work on it.

1 Who is your competence?

As you get the idea about what your business will be and what you will be doing as a business, before you start I would suggest to take sometime to find out who is your competence.

Who is working already on your niche and has reached success.

It will be important to know what they are doing as a business and how they do that.

  • Do they have already a star product on the market
  • Do they are working off or online?
  • What Social Media do they use to promote their business

You can think about these questions and more about your competence, make a study on their business and check what they do and what they don´t do, the more you know and learn from your competence, you´ll get some good ideas to work on your own business

2 How difficult will be to work on your project?

Not all businesses are the same and not are easy to build them up, your business project will face some difficulties and the best you can do it´s to know them from the beginning.

When you read the story from your competence and you know what difficulties they faced and how they solved them out, you´ll get to know more about your business project and you´ll have more tools to avoid these difficulties or in case your business face them you´ll know what to do to keep your business working and growing.

Don´t be afraid to write down a list of the possible difficulties you might face as you work to build up your business. This list will help you to find the right solution to any difficulties you might face as you work.

3 What start barriers you will face at the beginning your project?

This question might be similar to the previous question, when you know some of the difficulties your business might face, you´ll know in advance what barriers your business might face.

As an artist or crafter you might want to sell your product, it comes to my mind an artist who wants to sell his/her big paintings, you need to know in advance how to send your product worldwide, how much it will cost you or to your client?

Will it be easy to send a big product to any country, or you might need to work with just a few countries.

Is your product good for any audience or your product will be only for some audience?

Can you work from home or you´ll be working on workshops in different places?

4 Lean Start Up 

If you´re reading this article before you start working to build up your business, this question will help you to know all you need to make a Lean Start Up, in case you´re already working on your business and you´re facing some problems, it´s never too late to read this book and learn all you need to make it easier and better.

The more knowledge you know about how to make a lean start up from the beginning the better it will be, but it´s never too late to make the right steps to have more chances to succeed with your business.

 5 Are you aware of today´s tendencies on your niche? 

As and artist and as a crafter you need to know today´s tendencies on your niche, I don´t see you to grow a successful business making baby clothing like the 50´s fashion. (I´m sorry if I´m hard on this), you might have the perfect pattern to knit a baby sweater that has been in the family and you have the idea that you can sell it on the internet today.

It´s better to take your time and see what your competence is doing to sell their knitting patterns on the internet and their clients are buying them.

You might want to take your time to make some samples with your knitting pattern to adapt it to todays tendencies, then you´ll have more chances to take your business on the right path to reach success.

(This example of the baby knitting sweater will work with your niche as well, if you do watercolour paintings, or if you bake from home)

6 Do you know what threads you will face?

Many business owner didn´t take this step before they started their business, and a few months or years later they have found their business couldn´t grow the way they wanted because there were already some threads their business will meet as they were working on their business and made some big problems that stopped them to keep growing and working on their business.

Today, with the internet, we all are lucky to be able to find some business stories that will help you to know in advance what your business might face as you work on it.

To know in advance about those possible threads you might face as you work with your business, will give you the chance to know them in advance and to learn how others have solve those threads before so you´ll get some knowledge about what to do in case you face the same threads with your own business.

Questions to ask before you start your business

7 Who be your possible alliances?

Any business today will benefit if it build some alliance with another business.

You don´t need to find another artist or crafter on the same niche to help your business to grow, you can build up some great alliance with other business owners that will be the right alliance for you and for the other business owner.

One good example of building a good alliance that can help a business owner to grow its business will be the example of an embroidery artist that makes an alliance with DMC.

If this embroidery artist make this alliance with DMC, she or he will agree to do her/his embroidery with DMC embroidery threads and DMC will use some of this artist embroideries to promote DMC products.

You can see, if this embroidery artist is small, medium or a well renown artist, he or she will always be happy to see his or her embroidery on DMC Social Media or publicity.

Same can happen to you if you´re an artist and you can make an alliance with some painting brands.

If you´re a knitter, as your business grows you always can make an alliance with some wool brands or some knitting tools brands.

Questions to ask before you start your business

8 Who will be your perfect team?

You might think that taking the time to think on who will be part of your team before you start to work your business, might seem too soon, but it´s better to take sometime to think on who will be part of it before you need them.

As you work to think what your business will be, thinking on who will be part of your team will save you time and some headaches when the time comes to hire someone to help you on your business.

You don´t need to think on names, but you need to think on what tasks that person will do to help you to grow your business.

If you do your homework right on this point, when the time to hire someone to help you, you´ll know in advance what kind of help you need and you will know who will fit the job.

Your business if you do the job right will grow sooner or later, and you will need some help and you might find yourself delegating some tasks to someone else.

Make a list of task that you will delegate within time, when the moments comes you´ll be ready to hire the right person.

9 Who can be your perfect mentor?

Today you can grow your business by yourself or you can find the right mentor that has made the same path you will need to make to build up a solid business.

Finding the perfect mentor will save you time and money.

Many reknown artist and crafters have found they love to share with new artists and crafters their moments and secrets to build up a solid business.

A good tip here will be to take your time to check on artist or crafters you follow and check if they already have a program to sign up to learn from them.

There are many artists and crafters who have already some free or paid coursed online where they share the steps to build up a business in their niches.

It might take you sometime to find the course that fits your needs, but that time will be good invested and will save you lots of time to you.

10 How your business will create a cash flow from the beginning?

Art and crafts business that makes no money, it´s just a hobby and it´s an expensive one!

If you have been doing some art or crafts already and you want to take the next step to build up your own business based on what you love to do, the best way will be to take your time to write down the answer to this question too.

From the beginning you need to know what will you be selling, what will be your product or the service you will provide to your clients.

It doesn’t need to be the perfect product or service, it needs to meet your clients needs.

As you keep working on your business you will get feedback from your clients and you will get more knowledge about how your product or service be better and how you can develop the product or service that your clients are right now looking for.

When you start you will know your initial product, your product version 1

As you keep working your product will improve and you will provide your client with your product version 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 and one day you will have your perfect product or service.

Don’t wait for your product to be perfect to take it to the market, some of your clients are waiting to find it, all you need it´s to know your client and their needs on your niche and let them know your product is ready for them.

Closing 10 Questions To Make Before You Start Your Business

I wish I had these questions before I started my own business a few years ago, it took me a while to learn how to work on each step to build up my arts and crafts business.

It doesn´t matter on what level my business is today, taking the time to write down each question and it’s answer will help me to get my business to the next level.

If you find these questions good and you think they will help you to know more about what your business idea or your art and crafts business need to grow to become a solid business, don´t wait for tomorrow, you can take one day or maybe two and write everything you need to know to help your business to grow to the next level.

The more information you have about what to do and what to work on will help you to work better and soon you´ll have better results and means more money on your pocket.

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You can follow me on Social Media to get the updates from my blog to know more about how to build up your own art and crafts business, before you know you´ll be making a living on what you love to do!

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  • June 10, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    I’ve been looking to start a small online business based around blogging on audio engineering software and equipment, but I really had no idea where to start with it all. So thanks for this article, a big help. 

    All ten of these questions are questions I had NOT asked myself up to this point, so you have made me stop in my tracks and think, which is a good thing. If you had to suggest somewhere online a newcomer to internet business could go – where would that be?

    I’m looking for a bit more support as I launch this new blog, and some like-minded people?

    • June 10, 2019 at 2:47 pm

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks so much for your visit and for the time to write a comment.

      I’m happy to know this article will help you, take your time to grab a piece of paper and write down your answers, they will be good to use as a guide.

      If I know about someone who would like to start his or her own website as an online business, I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate, anyone can take the FREE 10 lesson course and 2 free websites, this way anyone can learn from a mentor (Kyle or Carson) and try Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      At Wealthy Affiliate anyone can get the best training to write a blog, to learn about SEO and keywords and also about how to start from home an online business.

      If you have more questions, let me know, I’ll be happy to help you.

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