The 7 Best Business Books For Artists 2020


The 7 Best Business Books For Artist will provide you with a short list of books to start learning the art to build up a successful career as an artist.

Artist and crafters can be amazing people, we all can create anything with everything!

You can give an artist a piece of paper and the artist will give you back a piece of art no matter what materials were used to create it.

But when you talk about what it takes to build up a full time career from which you can make a steady income to make a living, many artists will say they have no idea about it.

Nowadays it’s important to learn the art of making money from what the artist love to do: art!

It can take some time to learn the ropes of the art business but it’s not impossible to achieve.

Start on one point, learn how to do it.

No one will be a better teacher for you than the artist who have mastered the art of building a successful art business at the same time they spend their time creating art.

Learning from business essentials, art marketing, keep yourself motivated to learning everything you need to learn to spread the word of your art on Social Media to get your art at the places where the collectors are today.

No more waiting for a Gallery to spot you and get interested on your work, today you need to become your biggest fan and start sharing your art so the rest of the people know about you and your work.

Become an art entrepreneur!

Little by little as you keep working on it, your work will get more visibility and you’ll be starting to make sales.

Here is my list of books so you can start learning the art of building a successful art business.

Who said you need to be a starving artist to be known and famous,

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1 – The Artist’s Guide: How to Make Doing What You Love

Author: Jackie Battenfield

Subject: Art Career Development

A great hand book for emerging and mid-career artists who want to build a solid art business, in this book Jackie Battenfield will share her experience as an artist and also her experience running Rotunda Gallery.

Many artists can think times are tough to sell their art, she will give you some tips to keep motivated and to share with the world your art and also you life as an artist. Get It now!

2 – I’d Rather Be In The Studio

Author: Alyson B. Standfield

Subject: Art Marketing

Her book covers everything from blogging tips, Social Media Tips, News Letters writing, and artist statements tips.

I’ve been following her on Social Media and she is always focused to give artists and creative people the best tips to help them to grow their business. Get it now!

3 – Steal Like An Artist: 10 Lessons Nobody Told You About Being Creative.

Author: Austin Kleon

On this book Austin Kleon shares everything he’d heard before he started his career as an artist!

When he was asked to give a talk to students at a community, he sat down and wrote a talk for them, the talk and the slides were shared on Social Media and the talk got viral, it was then when he decided to write this book. Get it now!

4 – Art Inc.: The Essencial Guide For Building Your Career As An Artist

Author: Lisa Congdon, Jonathan Fields et al.

Subject: Art Business

As an artist you might be dreaming to build up a career and making a living from it, on this book Lisa Congdon shares a few ways to make a living from arts, including illustration, licensing, fine art sales, print sales and teaching.

On this book you’ll find good tips about how you can grow a business mind-set that will help you to promote your art and make more sales. Get it now!

5 – Louder Than Word

Author: Todd Henry

Subject: Art Marketing

Nowadays with the internet, artists and crafters have the big opportunity to share their work to anybody, but in a world where everyone is using the internet to try to get attention, Todd Henry gives the advice that is better to stand out from the rest as you find your unique voice.

As you find your unique voice and learn how to develop it you can learn how to get the attention from your client.

6 – Creative Spark (Re)Igniting Your Creative with Everyday Wisdom

Author: Tara Leaver

Subject: Art Career

A great book that will help you to get inspired, Tara Leaver wrote this book to help to get small artists inspired in small easy ways. The author speaks in this book from her experience and gives permission to the reader to allow you to be yourself and create our art from our deepest souls.

When you need to read a book about not only how to make money from your art but about how to get inspired to allow yourself to create your own art, you can’t go wrong with this book, Get it now!

7 – How to Sell Your Art Online.

Author: Cori Huff

Subject: Art Marketing

From the back cover: An essential guide for every kind of artist that teaches you how to find your niche, connect directly with the collectors, and sell what you make.

Cori Huff did a great job on this book, as you read it you’ll learn all you need to about how to share your work on Social Media and get more engagement with your audience. Follow his tips to grow your audience on Facebook and on Instagram.

This is a must have book when you decide to make a living from what you love to do. Get it now!

Closing Thoughts.

No one was born knowing everything you need to know about building your successful career as an artist, but many of the artist were born as artist.

It takes nothing to discover your someone who stand out at the moment to create art, since that moment you have spent lots of time in your studio painting, sketching and creating all kind of art.

As you look around in your studio you might see you have been producing lots of work, producing art is no problem for you, selling your art may be a challenge for most of the artist and for most of the crafters.

It’s time to take the time to read one, two or more books that will help you to set up the bases of a solid art business.

Take your time to read and build your art business (20 % of your time) and spend the rest of your time, doing what you love to do. (Pareto’s Principle)

In one year from now, you’ll see the difference, you’ll get those sales you dreamed about all the time and you’ll get more time for yourself to create more art!

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If you have any other ideas from more books to read that have helped you to build up a solid art business, leave the name of those books in a comment, I would love to take a look at them.

Learn more about how you can also start your own website and make money while you do what you love to do! This FREE 10 lesson course will give you the first steps to take!

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Best Business Books For Artists

4 thoughts on “The 7 Best Business Books For Artists 2020

  • July 23, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    Wow great topic for artists! I don’t come across this one often, if ever, so this is really helpful. Becoming an art entrepreneur sounds good to me as I’ve done lots of painting in the past. The book that appeals to me in particular is I’d Rather Be In The Studio. I’d like to know how to leverage my blogging and social media in order to achieve the best success. I’ll definitely be checking out this book further through your link here, thank you!

  • July 23, 2019 at 1:56 pm

    This is for a good friend of mine, he is truly an artist, but struggling to know how to start it as a business. I will show him this post, and I’m pretty sure this will give him the advice that he needs. Thanks so much for sharing this, because I know this will be the first step of his success 

  • July 23, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    Hi Alejandra

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post about best business book for artists.

    Those are very interesting books to read. But, I’m more interested in The ‘Essencial Guide For Building Your Career As An Artist’ book. I always wonder how they make sales with art because not everyone can do it.

    I bookmarked this page for future reference. Thanks a lot for taking your time and put all these together.


  • July 23, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    Creativity is the architect of the successful business world. Creativity in art work can also bring exceptional result. When this art work is applied in our business, no matter the circumstances, our business will break through every challenges and roll to the top. It is what I have seen and experienced. Those books will also serve as a big helper for anyone that want to apply art work to their businesses.


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