Best Reasons Why I Started A Blog

Hello everyone!

I don’t like to set the alarm clock to wake up at 5 am every morning to get to my job everyday!

I wish I could stay all day long at home knitting, crocheting, quilting!

Have you heard anyone saying these phrases? or have you ever wish for the second?

I think if you are like me, the second phrase would describe my perfect day!

Staying at home and be able to do what I love all day long and make a living on it!, that would be a perfect lifestyle for me.

But I need to find out the way I can do it, more and more everyday I read about how some crafters had made it, with a blog

I have been blogging about my Quilting work for years, first I started as a way to share my work with friends and students, yes I used to give quilting classes in Mexico City from 2000 to 2004, there was no blogging for me then, so I did it like a business at that time.

Telling my friends about quilting classes at home, then I signed up on a crafts school as a teacher, and everything went pretty well, quilting was a new craft in Mexico City, and I used to have my class full with woman interested to learn a new craft.

I just can say how grateful I am for those times, but my business never grew out, I was busy all the time, I had all my classes booked out, and I made enough money to pay all the bills and a little more.

Then as I told you before, I started a blog, but it was just a blog. I keep working on my quilts, but now I live in Quebec Canada, in the country, where things can be a little different about crafts business than Mexico City.

I live in a country town with about 4000 people living here, so my craft’s business need to be different!

There must be a way, where I can do better!

Internet business is growing day by day at a speed I hardly can keep pace with it.

And when I think as a crafter, fabrics, needles, scissors, etc., facing one day to open my laptop and looking for a way to do a better business based on my passion, I started to read about bloggers like me doing much better than me.

So if they can then I can do it too!

Congratulations! if you are a crafter like me, and you love doing your crafts and you wish to make a business on your passion, you are in the correct path.

Online business have their own language, their own software, it can seem hard to do or to understand but it is possible. And the good news is, the more you read the more you will understand about it.

Don’t quit, keep on it, and you will be able to build your online business. I’m on it, and I will share with you the steps I’m doing to do it.

Blogging!, yes but do it the right way!

Is blogging for me?

Yes it is, a blog will be always my perfect tool to share what I do as a business.

What kind of blog should I start?

There is two free ways to start a blog, Blogger and WordPress, there is more, but the two more important platforms to start a blog for free are those two.

All you need to start a blog on any of these two platforms is to sign up with your e-mail and start blogging, at the beginning, if you are a first time blogger, my first advice would be:

don’t be afraid to do something wrong, just try to have fun while you do it, if something goes pretty wrong, it’s ok, you always can start a new blog.

The main point here is you need to get to know is:

  • how to write
  • how to edit a new post
  • how to get a photo on your new post
  • how to get the right categories and tags
  • how to add the right alt on your photos
  • how to save a draft
  • how to publish your new post
  • how to get your blog and every blog post noticed
  • how to get comments on your blog
  • how to reply comments on your blog
  • how to share your blog post on Social Media
  • etc.

Don’t worry if you think this list is long for you as a beginner blogger, this list can get longer, but it will get easier to do every step when you start to do it, the more you practice and easier it will get.

Both platforms, Blogger and WordPress have all you need to start blogging and get used to it.

I will be sharing with you here what you need to do to do it the easier way. All I want you to know is if you are a blogger for the first time, start a blog and get some fun while you get used to blog.

If you know how to blog know, and you already have a blog like or, and you want to start making business on your blog and your passion or hobby, we need to do more about it to accomplish our goals.

You need to get a domain

You started a blog on Blogger or WordPress, but you don’t own your blog, if one day Blogger or WordPress decide to go out of business your blog will go out of business too.

This is why you need to get a domain, once you buy your domain you own your blog. There is a few online business where you can buy your domain, for the moment I’m working on Wealthy Affiliates and now they have this service for all the WA members as a bonus. Once you belong to Wealthy Affiliates, you can get your domain for your online business with them.

But many of you don’t know what WA is yet, so let’s focus on why and how to get your own domain for your blog.

Once you buy your own domain your blog will become .com you will have your own URL.

URL is the abbreviation of Uniform Resource Locator,  URL is the global address of documents and other resources on the World.

It’s often easiest (though not entirely accurate) to think of a URL as the name of a file on the network because most URLs refer to a file on some machine on the network. However, you should remember that URLs can point to other resources on the network such as database queries and command output.

The following is an example of a URL:

this is my site URL you can see on the top of your screen on the left while you read my blog.

Once you have decided to get a domain for your blog, you need to go to or or Wealthy and get your domain

the first thing you need to do is to check if the name you picked for your blog is free to get. If it’s not, you need to get think about two things to can do.

  1. Change the name until you find one that is good for you and your business idea and you can buy a .com for it.
  2. You can keep your blog name first idea and get a .net .org

Your blog business idea will be a local business idea.

Then when you go to buy a domain for your blog you need to think local, this means if you live in Canada a good idea for your local business idea blog will be to buy a .ca domain

if you live in Spain then you should buy a .es domain

if you live in Mexico you should buy a .mx domain

Buying a local domain for your business will make easier for your clients to find you.

How much can a domain  cost?

A domain is not expensive to get, it can go from a couple of dollars but normally it can cost you around 10 to 15 dlls. It may depend on the name you have for your blog.

Ok, so you got your own domain, congratulations, now you own your own business domain.

Now that you got your own blog, it’s time to find a place to host it.

Get web hosting and set your domain up on it

In order to actually get a website up, you’ll need web space to put it on. Web hosting comes in a variety of offerings, from low-cost virtual hosting to dedicated servers to the newly popular cloud hosting. Once your hosting is purchased, change your domain’s nameservers to your hosting company’s specified nameservers.

As I told you before, right now I’m working on Wealthy Affiliate, and I host my websites and blogs there. It makes easier and perfect for me for the same price.

Well, I’m happy you’re still here with me, and I can see you want to learn more about how to turn your hobby into a good online business and make a lifestyle on it. You have read over 1700 words on this blog post, and there is a reason for it, you show you’re interested on how to blog the right way.

You can do it on your own, and I’m sure you will be doing great, but to learn how to do it the right way, takes time and cost a lot of money.

The easier way, it’s to find someone who is already doing it, (I’m not the only one) I’m just one more who is happy to had found the way to do it right this time.

There are so many good bloggers telling you how to do it, some they will tell you for free and some have already great online courses to teach you how to do it.

Yes that’s it the best way to turn your hobby into a real good online business, to sell what you’re doing, this is called ” to sell info products”

But the good news that is not the only way to make good and real money on the internet. I will be posting more about how you can do it too.

For today, I think you have some homework to do, keep reading about this wonderful world about online business.

If you have any question, please leave a comment I will answer it.

What kind of hobby do you have?

And I will see you next week with another post about Blogging.

Take care and enjoy the moment.




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