Best Tips To Grow Your Business On Instagram


Instagram is growing every day and it has become one of the best Social Media platforms that helps creative entrepreneurs to grow their business, if your business is visual you should not miss this opportunity.

Most of the artists and crafters will agree their business is visual, art business come in a wide range from painting, sculpting, jewelry to knitting, sewing, paper mache, illustration and any way you express yourself through art you have a big opportunity to make a business from it.

It’s time to change our minds and break down the myth that artist are poor and they will struggle all their lives making a penny from their art.

The change is now and many artists have learned how to make a living from what they love to do in life, with the internet it is easier to stay in their studio and get more people to know what you do and what you have for them.

The path from being a poor artist to a successful artist is open to anyone who wants to try new things.

No more to stay at home isolated while working, you’ll be busy producing your art but you can make a schedule to let your clients know of your work and how they can reach you to buy it from you.

Instagram is a visual Social Media platform and it will allow you to show your work and let your client know you’re open for business.

It’s not hard to create your own account, but you will need to follow some rules to grow your business.

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1 – You will need to create an account for your art business.

This means, one account will be not enough, if you like to share your personal life with your family and friends, you will need to create a second account exclusive for your art business.

Personal life and your business should not mix, there are many things you can share with your family and friends but your client will not be interested in.

As an art business account, you can share some aspects from your life that will help your client know who are you as an artist and why you make art in your own way.

Your studio, your way to think about a new work and some steps about how you create new work will be always interesting aspects to share with your followers as an art business person.

But your clients will not be interested to know some personal issues that you like to share with your family and close friends.

This is why you should open two Instagram accounts.

Your personal account could be private, this way only your family and your friends will be able to read your post.

Your business account should be open to the public. This way, anyone can take a look at your work and they will share it on their accounts and your audience can grow.

The best way to grow your business is by helping your audience to grow.

2 – Use the #hashtags.

You need to use the #hashtags, but don’t over use them.

3 to 5 hashtags will be enough on every post, if you share more, your audience can get bored with reading so many and they will not click on them.

Take your time to know what hashtags are better to help you to grow your business. There are so many different hashtags but it will depend on which ones you used to grow your business.

Learn what hashtags your client is interested on and add them on your posts.

As you use those hashtags, new clients will get to know you and your work and you also help other artists to grow their business.

In todays internet era and with Social Media to help us to grow our business, helping others to grow their business as we work to grow ours is always well-meaning, and other artists will get to know you and they will be willing also to grow your own business – Win Win always.

3 – Share Videos.

Taking a good video from your art or from you while you work on a new work will help you to get more loyal followers and you will also help your business to grow faster and stronger.

You can take a good video with your smart phone or with your IPad or tablet, it’s so easy today to share short videos on Instagram with the apps. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes the whole process to take a video and share it on Instagram.

4 – Frequency.

Instagram will not keep you too busy, you only need to share from 1 to 3 moments (photos or videos) from your work daily.

If you share more than 3, your audience will get bored or will get enough from you soon.

If you share one post in the morning, wait a few hours and share a second post, don’t share the three post in a row, you need to share one and give your audience time to interact with you (give you a like, give you a comment and share your post).

5 – Share your post at the best moment.

This means, it’s better not to share a post on office hours, but oh well, everyone has their smart phone today all the time in their hands. and as we can share our post worldwide, you can share your post anytime and your client will take a look at it anytime they have a free moment to take a look at it.

As you keep working to share your work and business on Instagram, you’ll learn at what time it is better to share a post, when a post get more likes and comments, it will let you know the time when your audience is free to take a look on Instagram.

6 – Be Pro-active.

Your Instagram account will grow faster and better if you take your time to answer to comments and to be nice to your followers.

Your followers are giving you the most of their time.

Time is precious and your followers are taking their time to make a stop and take a look to your work on Instagram and taking a few seconds or minutes to write a comment, be nice and write back to them.

Let them know you appreciate their time to write a comment and you’re happy they like your work.

Take your time also to take a look to other artists accounts, follow them and give them likes and leave a comment anytime you love their work.

Be nice and help others to grow their business is something that is important always and today is more important than ever.

7 – Use the link in your bio.

Instagram allows you to add a link to your website in your bio.

Anytime you share a post and you want your followers to interact and go to your website, write a sentence in your post to let your followers to know there’s a link to your website in your bio.

If you want to get some sales from Instagram, you need to add a link in your bio, it doesn’t matter if your business is on your website, your Etsy shop, or on any other platform that helps you to make some sales or even your YouTube channel, be sure to add that link in your bio.

If you write a link on your new post description, Instagram will deactivate it and this link won’t work, that is the reason why you need to write a sentence in your post “link is in my bio”

Your client will follow that click and will buy from you.

8 – Storytelling.

People love to know more about you and about your work.

Every time you share a new post, write a story about it, why you’re creating this new work, for who it will be, why you want to create it. Make a story about it that your client will love to hear.

Your follower and client will love to know more about what tools you work with when you create a new work, let them know if you are trying a new technique.

Tell them how much you love to work on your art, people today look to know more about emotions, emotions are important for them and they will help you to sell your art.

Share anything you think is important for your client to know and that will invite him or her to comment.

9 – Share something with added-value.

Try to share something that will add some new value to your work as an artist.

A new technique, a new tool, generosity, and be always willing to help others will open new doors to you, people are always willing to thank you anytime you help them.

10 – Help from others.

When you open your Instagram account, a whole new world will be open for you too, you will have access to other artists who already have an account there.

You can follow some artist in your own niche, but try to follow other type or artist and learn from them.

What one artist is doing today to help his or her business to grow and make a full income for him or her, might give you some ideas about what you should try or work on.

Keep your mind open and don’t be afraid to try something new for your business, we all artist have to learn how to market our business, and it is possible nowadays.

11 – Don’t compare yourself with other artists.

Don’t forget you are unique as an artist, you will find many different artist on Instagram, but don’t be overwhelmed if you find some artists with big accounts and selling their work well on it.

Each artist is unique and each artist will provide an added value to their clients, you just need to learn how to be part of this new world and share your work on Instagram or on any Social Media account where your client is.

Take your time to learn how to grow your business account and you will be doing great soon.

Some artists account I follow on Instagram and from who I’m learning from.


Best Tips To Grow Your Business On Instagram

Thierry Duval

572 posts, 265K followers


Best Tips To Grow Your Business On Instagram


1291 posts, 34.4K followers


Best Tips To Grow Your Business On Instagram


700 posts, 129K followers


Your work as an artist is important for you, and you would love to turn it into a full time job where you can start making a full income from it.

Nowadays artist have more resources where we can learn how to promote our work and turn it into a profitable business, Instagram is a Social Media platform that will help you to share your work and get followers that will love your work and then you will get some sales.

It takes time to start your account and grow it, but you can do it and as you share your work it will grow, soon you’ll be back here to let me know that it worked well and you get a big audience and you’re making sales from your Instagram account.

Take the first step and open your account today, if you already have an account take the steps to help it to grow.

I hope this post helps you to grow your followers and your post will get better to help you to grow your audience and your business. If you have any question leave it on a comment, I will reply to you.

I you have an account already on Instagram and you will love I take a look at it, write your account name in a comment and I will pay you a visit, I will give you a like and I will leave you a comment.

Don’t miss the chance to start today your own online business and get more free time to work on what you love to do: your art.

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9 thoughts on “Best Tips To Grow Your Business On Instagram

  • November 21, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    This is a great resource for artists who consider themselves newbies to promotion through Instagram, and obviously, this HAS to be the most powerful social platform for art! 

    I’m not that clued up with Instagram, so I’m wondering if they have some sort of policy for how you ‘promote’ your work there? Do they mind if you are obviously a business looking to eventually find buyers for your work?

    • November 21, 2018 at 1:27 pm

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and taking the time to write a comment.

      Instagram is not a platform where artist and creative people can grow their business, everyone who want to run a successful business can use Instagram to promote its business.

      Many entrepreneurs are using daily this platform to promote their business on how to start a business or even to promote their affiliate marketing business.

      You can grow your audience and get as many followers as you can, you can share photos or info images from your business, no links are allowed in the description on each post, but you can show the benefits for your followers when they follow you and how you can help them to solve a problem or to make a better lifestyle for them, add a sentence on the description “link in my bio” or “follow the link in my bio”

      Your followers will visit your website via the link you add in your bio, and your work will be to get everything ready (value content for your follower and client) and you will then get some clients.

      So, Instagram is for anyone who wants to grow a business. It’s a visual platform, make your message visual and create the emotion you want to create on your client.

  • November 21, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Alejandra! How are you doing? I’ve really enjoyed reading this article without being bored. I own an Instagram business account and this is something which I’ve been looking for a very long time. I loved this post because you’ve mentioned ways on growing Instagram followers organically. Some other websites offer hacks and all that nonsense!

    Whoever visits this page must read all the points listen carefully in order to grow your business on Instagram. Thanks for sharing this post with us. Cheers!

    • November 21, 2018 at 1:29 pm

      Thanks so much for your visit AV 2001,

      I agree with you, there are so many ways to grow an Instagram account, but if you’re serious about your business you will be interested to get real people interested on your business.

      It’s better to get 100 real fans on your business, than 100K followers who will never buy from your business.

      I’m glad you find my article helpful!


  • November 21, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Hello Alejandra, thank you for sharing the best tips with which I can grow my business on Instagram.

    I have a friend that sells beauty products like body cream and bath. She doesn’t have a website yet but she gets orders from both near, far and wide. She has an Instagram account!

    What am I saying in essence? Instagram is a powerful Platform to grow a business. These tips will help alot.

    • November 21, 2018 at 1:50 pm

      Hi Barry,

      So glad to read your comment, I’m always looking to read about success stories from people who are working to build up an online business.

      Thanks so much for sharing the story from your friend who is doing great selling beauty products on Instagram.

      Once we all learn how to use the Instagram platform to promote our online business, we can see some sales coming in and the sky will be the limit.

      A small business can find a big help with Instagram platform.


  • November 21, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Hello Alejandra, thank you for sharing the best tips with which I can grow my business on Instagram.

    I have a friend that sells beauty products like body cream and bath. She doesn’t have a website yet but she gets orders from both near, far and wide. She has an Instagram account!

    What am I saying in essence? Instagram is a powerful Platform to grow a business. These tips will help alot.

  • November 21, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    This is a very important review.Many artists especially musicians have many fans on instagram but what they earn is fame only but they can earn fame and money when they know how it works.

    It starts by building a website where they will write all about their work and then instagram fans will become customers anytime they click on the website links

    For sure instagram is a fast growing social media and of course the traffic will come fast. This is very helpful not only for artists but also for others who want to grow their online business.

  • November 21, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    I liked your article on building an Arts and crafts business. When it came up for comments, I was anxious to read it. I am trying to cultivate my own craft business on Etsy. It’s a slow go. After 2 years, I am beginning to see some movement. 

    You have done a good job in pointing out the things to do and ways to do it. You also zeroed in on one social media and outlined a step by step approach on how to use it and what to expect. Also liked how you brought in WA as a place to learn how to build a website business. This was a well thought out article and good presentation.


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