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From time to time I come up to a point, I need to take a moment to think what to write about on my Arts and Crafts Ideas.

To hit the writers block can happens to me often, it’s easier for me to think about what to do with some fabric or some wool yarn.

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Hope this list of ideas to write about can help you.

1. Product Review.

Crafters always like to read about what fabric you are using to make your new quilt, there are great fabric designers, they always come up with new color, textures and kind, you can always make a quilt with cotton fabric, the favorite to most of the quilters, but you can always try silk, linen and lately many quilters are jumping on wools.

For knitters there are so many kind of yarns, made of cotton, wool, silk, and lately there are yarns made out of alpaca, I have try the alpaca yarn and it is so nice to knit with it.

2. Facts about yourself.

This is a great topic to write about, I’m sure many of your fans will be interested to know more about you.

  • How did you began to work on your arts or crafts business
  • How do you manage your time between your home, family and your business
  • Do you have your own studio on your home, or do you have it somewhere else?
  • Are you a solo business or do you hire some help?
  • Do you work business hours or do you work in the morning and nights?
3. Your routine.

I’m sure this topic is a good one to write about, artists are well know or many people think artists work on strange hours, I’m sure many artist and crafters are well organized.

4. Whislist.

Talk about your whislist,

  • Tools
  • Materials
  • Courses
  • Having your own online store
  • Galleries to visit
  • Exibitions to visit
  • Getting to know your favorite artist or crafter
5. Favorite Pinterest account.

Artist and crafters always look for some inspiration, and Pinterest is the place to visit, to find good Pinterest accounts can take some time, if you post about your favorite Pinterest account, your followers will save some time.

6. Photography tips.

Talking about photography tips is always a good choice, you can make beatiful art or crafts, with no good photography, you can’t have good traffic to your site.

I always thanks good tips to follow on photography.

7. How you edit your photos.
8. Favorite Instagram accounts.

Talking about good photographies, the place to visit and get inspired is Instagram.

9. Blogging tips.
10. Why you started blogging.
11. Blogging goals or resolutions.
12. How you promote your blog.
13. Sharing your blog success.
14. Interview a professional or friend blogger
15. Tips for improving your blog/site
16. Your blogging mistakes.
17. Your blog events.
18. Books to read.
19. Marketing tips
20. How to stay organised.
21. Favorite places to shop for your arts and crafts.
22. How to make a tutorial.
23. Do you work on your pj ?
24. Do you listen music while you work, and what kind of music?
25. Recently watched.
26. Favorite blogs to read.
27. Blogging tips
28. Favorite arts and crafts quotes.
29. Creat a beginners guide for artist and crafters.
30. Write about your own journey to become an artist or crafter
31. Link to other relevant blogs on your niche.
32. Write about your favorite books on your niche.
33. Write a glossary for your niche.
34. Ask your audience what do they want to learn more from you.
35. How to publish your work on magazines.

These are some of the ideas you can write about your art and crafts business, I’m sure there are so many artists and crafters interested to know how you run your own business and how did you do to get to your amazing art and crafts business.

I hope you get an amazing creative week, if you have more ideas about how to make more great content for a arts and crafts business, leave a comment, I always love to read more about this niche.

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