Blogging About Cooking… Is It A Good Online Business?

Blogging about cookingSince I was young, I have been spending a few hours in the kitchen making all kind of meals, I was lucky to grow up in a family where my mother was the one who cooked for all the family.

I remember I was so little, my mother used to put me on a chair beside her and invited me to prepare the meal, it was fun, I can remember I enjoyed to cook with her.

Later I went to university (Hospitality magnament) where I learn food technics and international food, and I must say, cooking is not a hard job for me, I love to cook and I always looking for something new to cook, having the same food day after day that is not for me.

This past week I had been thinking what to blog about, and I had a couple of titles for this weeks blog, last night a new title came up for this weeks blog.

Is Cooking a Craft or an Art

Cooking, we all eat three times every day, and now doctors say is better if we eat 5 meals per day!

How much time do we need to spend in the kitchen to prepare 5 meals per day?

How can we prepare an attractive and nutrient  menu?

No matter what kind of food you like, we are so lucky these days, we can find a blog about the right kind of food you are looking for on the internet.

  • Regular menu
  • Low calories
  • Gluten free
  • Mediterranean menu
  • High protein menu
  • Every day menu
  • etc.

I don’t have much problems now when I think on a new recipe to try or how to cook it, all I need is to come to the internet, look for the recipe and if I have any doubt about how to cook it I just go to YouTube and I will watch a video and I can cook anything the right way these days.

Last night I was working on my laptop, and I like to listen some music at the same time, of course on YouTube, when I noticed a little window about ‘how to make Mexican enchiladas’

So I take a break to watch that video, and I kept watching more videos from this young Mexican man, he is sharing really good videos about the real Mexican food.

Armando en tu cocina

His name is Armando En La Cocina , in English is Armando In The Kitchen, if you speak Spanish and if you like to cook some Mexican meals you need to watch his videos, every video he shares on YouTube is great, he cooks the real Mexican food, he speaks so clearly, he shares step by step and he is funny, I think I spend about 2 hours and I would like to watch more videos from him to learn new dishes to make.

Is A Cooking Blog Be A Good Online Business?

After I watch a few Armando’s videos I saw there is also an Armando’s interview by two business bloggers, where Armando shares how he started his online Mexican cooking business from scratch. And it was an interesting interview.

So we all can learn from Armando.

Armando said, he was born in a Mexican family, and Mexican families like to cook, he has some sisters, and every sister has their own cooking business in Mexico, so Armando had his own too a ‘Bakery’

Armando started his own Bakery School business and he was doing well, but one day he had the idea to start his online business and he made a video to post it on Youtube. He was so happy!

But nobody watches his videos!

Then he thought he needed to share his videos on the internet so people know about him and he would have some visits on his YouTube channel, he had to spend days and night sharing his content to get some views. At this point he was tired and started to have some troubles with his partner.

If that was bad, his Bakery School students left the school, because they thought why to pay to Armando for baking lessons if they could watch the videos on the internet.

At that time, Armando was making only a couple of dollars on his videos, that was not enough to make a living!

So he decide to quick to his dreams on making an online business and he went back to work on his Baking School.

Then one day, he got to check his videos were getting visits and people were watching them and the visitors began to talk about Armando (just like I’m doing right now, sharing his success story with you all), he was so happy then, his videos were having visits! any online business person dream was coming true after all!

Armando decided to give his online business a second chance, then he faced he needed to improve his videos quality, he knows how to cook, but the challenge he was facing was a big one, he didn’t know much about online business and he knew little about how to make quality videos.

At the beginning he used to cook and make his videos by himself at the same time, cook – pause – cook – pause, it was time consuming and a lot of work.

He was lucky his partner was on videos business and he talk to him and his partner agree to help him out.

Armando faced another problem too. Working on a cooking online business can be expensive, as he only cooks with high quality food it can cost a lot of money, and sometimes to make a good video requires to make it not once, but sometimes two or three times.

And he could not sell those cakes he made to make the video so he had to give them away to people.

At the beginning of Armando’s online business was not easy and not cheap, he had to faced some big challenges and had to put some money on it.

Today, he is happy to share his business is doing good, Armando’s Facebook Fans Page  has visitors and Armando’s YouTube has almost 60000 followers, he says there are some days when he can get about 500 new visitors to his YouTube channel.

Armando’s Mission

One thing Armando said during his interview that cached my attention was his mission. Living in a country where most of the people lives on low income, to support a family and most cases a big family is hard on just a few dollars per day is hard, most cases it is impossible to do.

His mission is to make his videos thinking on helping as many women as he can to start their own food business, women who live under hard marriage conditions, and day after day they must live under their husband cultural rules, Armando thinks, if he can inspire some of those women to start their own food business and start getting by themselves an income, these women would find their way to a better life.

Armando is making his living on a food business, now with new technologies, it is easier to get to more people

Armando as a study case for your online business.

The cons:

It doesn’t matter what craft or art you are working on building your own online business, if you have your own passion you will make it!

You will face hard times, you might face with you need to learn some new skills, internet business requires to learn from marketing, copywrite, video making and sharing, internet business is changing and improving second by second, to be successful we must learn about new changes every day.

It depends on your business, you might have to spend some money to make a new article every week, and if you blog twice every week, you need to invest more money on your business.

If you don’t know something about your online business, you might need to invest or by an online course to learn how to do it.

An online business can start slow, and you might face times you want to quit, my advice, keep on it, in time if you learn how to build up an online business in time it will do good.

Don’t quit your job, to start your own online business it will require from you lots of work after your day job, once your online business start doing good, then you can think about quitting your day job.

The Pros:

Writing and working on your passion is always gratifying, it is easier to work long hours on something you love to do.

No matter what way you pick (blog, site, online courses or YouTube channel) to build up your online business, once it starts working ok, it will work for you by itself. This is what is call, work once and get paid over and over.

My advice:

Keep on your dreams, work hard, and if you need to learn a new skill, pay a course or an online course, don’t see this like spending money, see it as and investment!

If you don’t know how to do something, look for a mentor, there are already so many great bloggers and some of them are eager to share their knowledge.

I would love to hear from you,

What is your dream?

What are you working on today to build up your online business?

Any questions about this article, leave a comment and I will answer you shortly.

I thank you for your time to stop and read my blog.




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