Christmas Market, Make The Best Of It

Yesterday was a beautiful day, winter will be here in just about a few more days, but weather had turned into wintery weather already, at least here at South Quebec.

November was a dark and cold month, no sunshine for almost all month, so yesterday even was cold sun shined beautifully, so the day was perfect for an outside walk.

My husband and I went for an early lunch (dinner, here in Quebec :)), and after lunch we went for a walk to the downtown park in Valleyfield, Quebec., we noticed parking lot was almost full, and people were walking to the park from the streets, – oh, I said, I can see people are enjoying this beautiful weather, and everyone is coming for a walk too!

When we parked our car, and started to walk into the park, it was easy to notice something was going on there, I could hear the music and the carol singing.

It was a Christmas Market!!

A great opportunity for me to see a Christmas Market in Quebec in a park.

A couple of years I visited a Christmas Market here also in Quebec, but it was an inside market, and it was ok,

A Christmas Market in a park, it was beautifully set up. More like a French Canadian country Christmas Market.

Christmas Market

The first thing I could see was the wagon pulled by Canadian horses, a lady told me one day, Canadian horses are always black, and they are raised to work hard and long hours in all kind of weather, just like in old times Canadian farmers needed. These horses don’t work anymore long hours or hard work, as most of the farmers work with farm machines.

But it is nice to see a wagon pulled by horses, people love to take children for a ride on them.

Christmas Market

The first booth I could see looked so country like, made out of wood, and sharing all kind of Christmas decorations made out wood for sale.

The rest of the booths were placed on small containers, bright idea!, they looked really nice with the door wide open and each one decorated for Christmas according to each seller.

There was different sellers, all of them small producers and most of them crafters.

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

Christmas MarketThere was all kind of this region good to buy, charcruterie… hams, sausages, maple syrup, jams, etc. there was a fabric bags seller, a bakery and more.

Of course there was Santa and Mrs. Santa both, so children could say Hi to Santa and parents could take a picture of that moment, it was nice to see families sharing good time together.

Christmas Market

To make the day nicer there was some Christmas carols sang by 3 young ladies who were singing very well indeed.

Christmas Market

And of course, where Santa is, you can’t miss some elves, there were a few of them, taking care of young children and making the day brighter for each one of them with carol signing and some games.

Christmas Market

I think they are if you are running your business on crafts making and you want to be known by people in your area.

If you are looking to make sales direct to your clients.

It is a good way to get known by the people in your area.

If you are running at the same time your online business based on your crafts, remember to take with you some cards to give to the visitors with all your information about your business.

If you have already your online business set up and running, let your clients know, you will be taking part of the Christmas market, and you might want to give them a discount for their visit and buy, it will give them a great opportunity to know you and stop and say hi person to person.

If you are not ready to take part of the Christmas market this time, but you might like to give a try, get to know the Christmas market organization people, and get all the info you need to take in consideration for the next one.

Are you ready to give it a try? , I would like to know what you think of it.

Keep on the good work, and keep on working on your own online business.



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