Comments Can Be Your Best Blogging Tool.

Hi there,

I have been busy working on my blog (s), you may say to yourself, – yes, writing a blog can be lots of work.

It is lots of work, once you decide to work on your blog as your business or as your second income, and working on it the best to become your single and nice income, can be a lot of work.

No matter how many blogs or books about blogging you read, these days everyone talks about get traffic, pay ads on Facebook to get traffic to your blog, and a few more ideas to get more traffic to your blog.

A blog with no traffic, is a blog with no readers, and with no readers, your business will never happen.

That is the sad true many bloggers face today.

What can I do?, how can I get traffic to my blog? I almost can hear you saying it out loud!

Not everything is lost, and there is always something you can do to get good traffic to your blog, organic traffic, real people that will be interested on your business.

I have told you already what to do to start your blog, how to pick your niche,  how to write your own blog posts, how to write your post titles, and you have worked on each one of them, so your blog is ready to get your audience.

If nothing happens on your blog and it looks like a desert, don’t worry, it can happens to everyone who runs a blog. There is a time when you blog is like a ghost town, but there’s lots you can do about it.

How to comment on a blog

How do you feel, when someone tells you something about how great is your work?, that is the same feeling when someone leaves a comment in your blog!.

One of the old tips to get new visitors on your blog is to comment on other blogs, but not on any blog, it may happen that your blog niche is about knitting, and you need people interested on learn how to knit, or to buy a new pattern to knit socks for the coming winter.

You need to visit other blogs about knitting, yes, those blogs with great content and I don’t want to say that your blog has not great content, what I want to say is when a blog is young, and you’re working hard on it, you need time to work on it to get great number of blog post with great content, in time your blog can become one of those blogs that all the people who knits visit to learn from you, but at the beginning, we still need to work hard.

Ok, let’s get back to the point, you need to visit those blogs, with lots of traffic, and I think you visit them already frequently to read their blog post, let’s speak with the truth, everyone even me visit those blogs, because they share real good content.

Time you spend on those blogs is time well spent, you will learn from the ‘gurus’, no matter if they knit, or crochet, or might even  cook, they are ‘gurus’, they have already a few miles walked before me, and they always can teach me something new I didn’t know.

You will visit their blogs, to learn, never to copy, you need to be yourself always, no body wants copies of others, that is not a good idea, but I truly believe, everyone can learn from others, and one of the main purpose of a blog is to share and to teach others what the blogger do.

Every day, take a few minutes to spend visiting these blogs, once you find one you really like and you get interested on how the blogger writes and shares her/his knowledge, read the comments, you might get surprised you will find great value on people comments.

A good tip here could be, never comment just to say, ‘thanks for sharing’ and leave the link to your blog, this kind of comments is considered as spam, and most of the times your comment will be deleted and will never see the light, and never will work for you, even worst, if you use to do this kind of comments, you might earn a bad reputation as a spammer blogger.

To comment on blogs to drive traffic to your site, you need to work on your comments.

A nice comment is, when you read the blog post and you find interesting, then you want to leave a comment to let the writer know what you think about it, most of the times is better to leave positive feed back, anytime I find something I don’t agree, I prefer not to comment.

But most of the times I comment, as I use to read blogs about crafts and arts, it’s hard to find a blog with out interesting blog post for me.

So your comment should be positive and polite, always find out what is the writers name, leave a post as you were talking directly to that person. Like you look at his or her eyes, like you were having a small talk with she or he.

Try to express what you think about that article, if you have something else to say that might help others with the subject.

It’s always a good idea to write in the comment the keyword of that post, it will help the blog to rank better on Google, and the blogger will thank you for it.

Your comment to be more valuable to Google should has at least 50 words. Yes, who would know, eh? that comments also count for Google ranking.

Once you start to do this, commenting on blogs to get traffic to your blog, you will see how well this works, when you leave comments the right way, other people who visit that blog will notice your comment and will want to know more about you and your blog and your business.

Another good idea is to have your avatar ready, yes, it’s time to stop to be shy, it’s time to get a nice picture of yourself and get it on your gravatar, I know, I used to be shy to, if nobody see my picture on the internet it’s better, right?

When you write on a blog hosted by Blogger, your profile photo becomes your gravatar.

But no, not anymore, once you start your blog as a business you need to show your readers you are a real person, and they can trust on you, and same happens on comments, when I’m reading comments on blogs, bloggers picture calls my attention, might be because as an artist I tend to be more visual.

So, now you have more on your ‘To do list’, I will leave you now to continue a keep working on your blog, I’m sure you’re doing great.

Before you read this post, did you use to comment on blogs?

How many comments do you use to write in other blogs?

Do you want me to visit your site/blog and leave a comment, don’t be shy, comment here, so I can visit you.

I thank you for your time to read my blog, don’t leave without leaving a comment.


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