Crafts are my therapy

Crafts are my therapy, arts and crafts,

I began to craft long time ago, I could say many years ago, I can remember when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I had a neighbour friend, and both of us used to sit down on the sidewalk crocheting, I don’t remember what we used to crochet, but I can remember how well we used to hang out that way.

My friend and I are both grown up, and we are still good friends, we talk about the crafts we make now, we don’t live in the same city, but we e-mail each other and sometimes we chat about what we are making.

When I began this site about how to turn your Arts and Crafts into business, I wanted to talk about how you and me can make a good business based on crafts,  even I’m working to accomplish it, crafts helped me to support my children as a single mom, and to pay off my house, it feels so good to look back and see I could make it on my crafts (quilting), beside the economic side of being a crafter   I had one thig clear, Arts and Crafts can give many good benefits to the person who makes it.

When I used to be a Quilting teacher in Mexico City, I used to teach on Saturdays on a Crafts school, I remember a nice group of women, who wanted to learn a new craft, quilting, sometimes I had a small group, and somedays the group was bigger, each of those women used to work on their own projects, a quilt, a pillow or a bag, but each one of them used to quilt very happyly on their own projects, all the group was happy to see each projecto to come to an end, and see the beautiful quilt finished, or the pillow or the bag.

One often comment among those women was, they enjoyed to spend their money on the quilting class than going to see their therapist.

Today I was looking for a new subject to write about Arts and Crafts, and began to read some quite interesting articles about the benefits of making crafts. Some of the points these articles talk about are:

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  • Crafting relives stress. When crafting you don’t remember about those bills you need to pay, or the appoinments you need to go etc, most of the times, when you do crafts you focus on it and you don’t think much about your “to do list”

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  • It builts self esteem. Nothing better to see than a craft finished, even it’s not perfect it is always beautiful, and you made it by yourself. This is always something good for self esteem. And if we talk about the good compliments your crafts get from family, friends and clients!

Increase happiness, arts and crafts business

  • Increase happiness and protect the brain from damage coused by aging, when I think about making crafts, I can forget about time, and my “To do list”, I just think on what Im doing, and if I talk about cutting all those little pieces of fabric to make a quilt, and after all those little pieces are cut, then I need to follow a pattern to make it, for many quilters talking about inches instead of centimeters, quilters around the world need to manage two metric system, that can helps to work your brain every time you do some quilting. It is the same for knitters who follow complicated patterns. Most of the people who know better than me about the subject, say to keep brain working its good to protect the brain from damage coused by aging.

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  • Social support, nothing better than be part of a crafts group, you can joining a group, do crafts together, talk and support each other is always good for each member of the group.

When I think about the business I’m working on, it’s not I just sell fabric or patterns, I’m selling more than that, I’m selling the way to help others to craft, I’m selling to people a good time working on the project they will be crafting, I’m selling a way to workout the brain, as the more complicate a pattern can be, the more work requires to get the craft made.

Next time you see your crafts business as just a business, I think there is more on your business for everyone.

Time to go back to my quilt and keep working on the next pattern, you always can visit my Quilts site, She Quilts Today.

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If you have a story to tell about your Arts and Crafts business, leave a comment, I would love to read it.

Take care and keep crafting, it has so many good benefits,  crafting is always good to do!

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One thought on “Crafts are my therapy

  • February 13, 2015 at 5:38 am

    Hello, Alejandra. I love to crochet, in fact, I will be crocheting my grandson a Spring sweater. He will be 5 in June and wears a 5T or 6T. He lives in South Carolina and I’m in Pittsburgh, PA so I can’t measure him myself. But my daughter-in-law will send me the measurements soon, I hope. I also like to make beaded earrings, but I haven’t done that in a while. I like to make football teams logos, like Pittsburgh Steelers. Anyway, I really like your website and I will be back. Thanks for sharing!


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