Create The Best Photos Of Your Product.


It’s just about 13 seconds that will take your visitors to stay on your website and decide whether he or she will stay or leave.

They won’t read much on your blog on those 13 seconds, they will look at your Product Photographs,

It’s time to take a minute and look to them, yes, those photographs you share on your website of your products.

There is no business if there is no sales, and you place your products on your website to get some sales, you have done your work about who is your perfect Client, and you have found where they are, and they have found your site and they love what you do, but still no sales.

A good photo of your product can lead to sales,

And this is a point where I’m not the best, I can work on my art and crafts, but since I began to blog about my work, I had to learn more about photography, my first blog, about 10 years ago, one day my sister told me: -Your photos are not good, they are too dark, I showed your blog to one friend and he told me, your work is good but he couldn’t see much because of the photos.

How little encouraging was that review of my blog, took me some time to recover from that sad review, then I looked for a photography course online to learn more about it, I found a great course for online crafters, a great photographer from Venezuela living in Montreal found this niche, so many people trying to sell their crafts and art on the internet with poor sales because of their work as photographers. Voila, her business bloomed like a rocket, many crafters and artist signed up to learn from her.

Even my photos of my work are not the best, and I’m still learning on the subject, my sister has not tell me anything more bad about my photos.

Here are some points you need to work on to get better photos of your work.

It doesn’t matter if you get your photos on your cell phone or you have a great camera,  you need to pay attention on your competence photos and study them, never copy, get inspired and learn from them.

What does your competence do, how it’s the layout of their photos, how they present their product, why they have sales and not you, (just think on photos this time, I will write more about Marketing, Client, Price etc).

Tell a friend or a family member to give you an honest review of your product photos, don’t take this review personal, listen with attention, and also ask them to give you some pointers on how you can improve your photos quality. Take some notes so you can work on them.

If you already have a network with other bloggers, you can also ask them for some feedback on your photos, you might find, other people can see what we can’t with our eyes.

On this point, I want to add, lately I’m working on 2 or 3 Facebook groups of women and some men entrepreneurs, from different niches, I think most of the entrepreneurs wants to make business online on teaching other people to make business online, but just a few crafters and artists working on their business on their niche.

These groups are great as a network, you can share your work and your photos on a close group, so the reviews and feedback of your work as an entrepreneur keeps secret, your clients won’t know about the quality of your work as a photographer, and members of these groups are always willing to help others, it’s a win win!

They always share their ‘how to’s’, and if they know about a good photography course online they will share the link to it,

They will ask you to do the same for them on this subject or on another subject, and if one of these members find the way to do it better, most of the times they are willing to share their success moments with the other members of the group.

I would like to add here, not all the groups on Facebook works well always, you might need to sign up to a few and find out if each one of those groups is what you are looking for. Take your time, and you will find good friends, and great mentors and helpers.

Just a few words about, how to take photos of your products.


Crafts photos

As my work is on Quilts, I will share with you how I take some of the photos now.

As quilts are big, normally, they make my work harder when the moment to take photos of them is on my to do list. I need to wait for a sunny day, not at midday, in the morning or in the afternoon, when the sun is not on the top.

I place the quilts on the laundry line, and I set my camera on the tripod, as I do this on the yard, I need to wait untill there is no wind.

I always take a few photos, and many times, when I’m checking on them on my computer, I need to go outside again to take more photos again. Until I found one I’m ok with it.

When I’m working on small quilts I do this inside,

taking crafts photos

Then, it’s time to look for a window, where you get nice day light, my set is different here, sometimes, if the mini quilt is small enough to fit on the light box, then I set it this way:

When the mini quilt is larger but still it’s a mini quilt, then I set the place this way.

I have found, to be consistent on my photos, I place mini quilts on a white background, you can get these white foam board at Waltmart they are not expensive, and you can built your box with them.

You can find also some light box on Amazon, you can pick the one that is perfect for your products and for you, or you can build one by yourself at home.

taking crafts photos

Once I have a few photos of my work, I always check them on my computer, and delete all I don’t like, then I work on the photos to load on my blog with photoshop, if you know how to do it, you might be better than me, as I’m not the best at it, but if you don’t have Photoshop, you always can find a way to work on your photos on

You can also watch some videos about how to work your photos on on Youtube

Hope this post about crafts photos help you with your product photos, and hope getting better photos of your products lead to more sales for you.

One step at the time, on last entry I told you about Creat your product to sell online, next time I will talk more about your client.

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2 thoughts on “Create The Best Photos Of Your Product.

  • October 6, 2016 at 12:34 am

    You just hit the nail on the head with this post Alejandra, as I seem to have the same problem. On my website I blog about border terriers as well as reviewing related Amazon products for dogs. Now, I do want to put my own pictures as far as the reviews go, so like you I end up encountering light problems. But then, the problem gets bigger when I try to photograph my dog, who seem to have anatural aversion to the camera lens – or to the phone lens, for all that matters!!!
    But thanks for your suggestions. I should definitely look for support groups on Facebook, and look into photoshopping tools.
    Thank you. Giulia 🤓

    • October 6, 2016 at 1:36 pm

      Hi Giulia B
      I’m happy to know my article helped you about this subject.
      Yes photos on our sites are important. How interesting it’s to know you write about border terriers, I love dogs, and a dog is on my wish list. I just need to find the right one, but it will be a terrier.
      I have a niece who is currently working to take photos on dogs, I will ask her for some tips.
      I will let you know when I get the tips from her.
      Have a great day


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