Create Your Product To Sell Online

It’s time to talk about your product.

You have been working hard building up your online business and you might have an off line business, as an artist you might work on your own art, painting, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, etc.

As a crafter and many times crafts become art pieces, you might knit sweaters, hats, mittens, scarfs, and many other items, the list could be endless in on the great different ways we do crafts and arts.

Any way we work with our hands and mind to turn any material into crafts and art has an immense value to me.

You might have started your website, and then your blog, but little or nothing had happened, no sales at all or just one or two every month, not enough money coming in to pay all the bills.

It’s time to talk about 10 points about what you can do to improve your business (and me too)

I will talk today about the first point, YOUR PRODUCT

It’s time to sit down and look at your product with different point of view than our own.

As an artist I look at what I do as a proud mom, it’s perfect, it’s beautiful, I won’t change anything about it.

But is my product what my client is looking for?

To have a sale on an online business, it’s a must to solve a problem, even when artist sell their work, they are solving a problem, to find the perfect picture to post on an empty wall, a picture that will motive them every day just looking at it.

To buy a piece of jewelry that makes them feel beautiful! it’s hard to write down this, but in many cases it is how it works.

To solve this problem, if you’re making art and crafts that makes you happy but if you’re not getting sales, take a moment to listen to your client. What is what they want to buy,

Find out what your potential clients are looking for to buy. When you write a post on your blog, ask them to leave a comment, ask them questions,

  •  what are you looking for?
  •  what would you like to find here on my website?

If you get comments, you will know what your potential clients are looking for to buy from you, you will get the answers and you will know what to do, change a product or not. This is important for you, as an artist you might be willing to change your way to work to please your clients and get sales.

But you might not be willing to change the way you do your art, and that is important and you have the right to keep working the way you do. Then, here, the problem can be solve in another way.

People who is visiting your website are not the potential clients for you.

Don’t worry, there is always a way to work on this, it’s time for you to work to find out who is your client, and you need to do it.

I wrote a blog post about how to find your client, once you know who she or he is, then you can work on it.

Everyone is on the Internet these days. But not everyone is on the same Social Media.

There is a Social Media for every right client for everyone.

Let’s talk about you are an artist who works on watercolor paintings, you are visual, you’re clients are visual too, Instagram will be perfect for you, Pinterest too. it’s time to be there, share your work, talk about it,

Facebook will work for you too, if you work on it the right way, look for some Facebook groups who talk about art, follow some artist who share their work, read comments people write on their fan pages, you will be amazed about how much you can learn from those comments. You will find here the feed back you need for your own business.

It’s time to look to Facebook in a different way, there might be people there all day long just to spend their time and get the latest gossip about everyone.

But there is many people who are using Facebook to learn more about how to do business on and off line, with great results, this blog post it a result of it.

Lately I have found more people like me, learning about how to improve my business, even with different niches, we all share the same purpose, improve our business, get more sales and make a living on what we love to do.

Join a Facebook group, about your niche, or about how to make business on your niche, you will find more people talking on topics that will interest you.

Today, painting a great picture is not enough, knitting the best sweater is not enough, and I’m sure you do your best when you work, but these days we all need to learn about how to sell and how to do business.

Let’s talk now a little bit more about your product.

You get good feed back about your product but yet no sales or just a few.

You can do this to get more sales:


  •  Look at your product, if you get a good feed back about it, it’s time to look at your package,  how do you present it to your customer, how your customer will receive it, sometimes a little changes on the presentation can lead to more sales.  You can take a look to Geninnes prints, she had post a few time on her blog about how she spend some time working on the paper bags where she will send her prints to her clients, even the bags are each one a piece of art, and this tell her clients how important they are to her.
  • Ask a friend for help, present to your friend one of your products packaged as you send it to your clients, and ask your friend for a real feed back from it.

Small changes can mean more sales.

Hope this post can help you a little or big to get more sales to your business.

If you have any questions about how to improve your product or your business, leave a comment, there is always a way to get more sales!.

Have a wonderful day and keep on working on your business.

Next post I will talk about Photography.

See you then.


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