Cup Cakes Stickers Free For Your Planner

Free Cup Stickers for your plannerHi everyone!

Last two weeks were a little busy for me, my birthday, Christmas and I was also hired to cook Christmas dinner for a family for 12 people, and my part time job kept me busy as well. This is way I like to keep my planner updated and be able to remember everything I get on my “To do list”.

A few good reasons to keep a Planner

To have a good memory helps to keep on all I need to do, but it’s easier for me since I use my planner.

  • I’m more relaxed now
  • I can keep track of the tasks I need to do for every day
  • I can plan all I need to do for every job.
  • I can make my “to do lists” for every job I need to do, with tasks and times.

All these good reasons are enough for me to keep on planning my life. I can do more, with less work and more relaxed, I don’t need to keep all on my mind.

To help you to keep you planner nicer, if you like to decorate it, today I have these free Cup Cakes Stickers for your planner, whether is your birthday or not, you can use them on your planner.

  • If you like to decorate your planner.
  • I use these stickers when I mark down an appointment, and then I need to change it, I use one of the stickers and then I can write on the sticker the new appointment, or leave it just the sticker if I don’t have any appointment for that moment.
  • Use one of these stickers if you want to highlight an appointment.

Free Cup Stickers for your planner

What do you need to do to get these Cup Cakes Stickers For Your Planner.

  • You can click on the image to download it , and save it in your computer.
  • Print them out
  • Cut every sticker with scissors.
  • Keep them in a plastic file in your planner or in a box on your work table.

Note: stickers color can be different from one computer screen to other, and printing quality may be different from one printer to others. The file is made on 300 dpi, I made these stickers with soft pastel colors to be able to write on them.

Feel free to print out these Cup Cakes Stickers as many times as you want to, just remember to keep them for personal use, and if you share them on your blog, link back to me.

If you are looking for more stickers for your planners, you can always visit my Etsy Store

If you find these stickers useful, remember to PIN IT so you can find them later.

I thank you for visiting my blog.


Free Cup Stickers for your planner

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