Don’t Quit Your Day Dreams, Free Printable

work on your day dreamsTo work on building my own business, while keep working on my regular job, sometimes is not easy, it demands some work and don’t get discouraged if things doesn’t go as fast as I would like they do.

To work on my Day Dreams requires to keep a plan, makes list of things I should do, and work on them every time I have some free time, the question would be if I enjoy doing all I can to build my own business, and the answer would be, yes I do!

Lately I have seen some results my quilting site She Quilts Today is making about 1000 visits every week, and everyday I’m getting more comments, it’s so nice to work on a new entry for my quilting blog, visit it later and see there some people visiting it, it’s a start, I need to keep on it and work on it.

My first coloring book “Quilting Designs” on my Etsy store has now a few visits and a lovely lady on Facebook who writes reviews on coloring books isn’t just for kids wrote me to ask me if she can make a review of my Quilting Designs coloring book. I keep my finger crossed but I also keep on working on create my own business.

dont quit your day dreams

This is the reason I found Quotes about keep myself motivate works, today I have one for you Don’t Quit Your Day Dreams, Free Printable.

dont quit your day dreams free printable

Feel free to download it, print it out and color it, place it where you can see it often during your day, it will help you to keep working on your own Day Dreams, work as hard as you can on building your own business.

I thank you for stopping by, and make time to read me, if you find this blog useful Pin It, and share it. If you have any questions, leave a comment I will reply to you.


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