Dream Big, and be realistic

Everybody tells you, “Dream Big” and “If you can dream it, you can do it”, and I agree with both.

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When talking about a craft, a new one project I have on my mind to do, it’s like a dream, every time I go to a fabric store, and look all those fantastic fabrics, make me dream about a new quilt, my dream could go from a mini quilt to a full size quilt for my bed, I could dream on how my bedroom will look with the new quilt finished and on the bed.

Choosing the fabrics, the colors and even a new cotton floss to make some embroidery on the quilt. All these thoughts I could call, a dream.

I could do the same when I think about how I will get my business, I can picture in my mind my store, the place, the name, all the things I will have in the store to sell, what kind of services I will give to my client. I use to dream about every little detail I want to have on my store.

Now, times have changed, and I still have my dream, but now I dream also more realistic, I dream about to start with and online business, I have talked about why is a good idea to start an online business,  I use to think on what kind of product I will be selling or what kind of service.

I use to think what are the steps I need to do to get my online business a reality, but just to think about it, doesn’t help much, to be realistic and to get to work on, it’s better to write down everything.

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Start working on them, lately, I like to write down my goals, and my plans, I like to be realistic and take little steps first to work on my dreams.

I  write down those little steps to achieve my goals, will help me to stay focused on what I want to achieve and to keep track on every day tasks.

I check on my steps, every day, and every week, this way, I will keep myself moving forward to my goals.

I make changes in order to get my dreams, sometimes like will ask for changes on your work or on your plans, be flexible to make some changes, sometimes changes will make easier the road to get your dreams.

I would like to hear about your dreams, write a comment, if you have any questions, write also a comment I will reply to it,
Take care and have a great day.

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