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I remember when I began to blog, took me sometime to learn how to work on my blog, just to get the post and pictures on the blog, was a challenge.

Once you get your blog, it’s nice to work on it, feel proud of your work and share it with the world, the more people know your work, soon you will be making sales of your work.

Banners are something to add to your blog, they will make a difference from one blog to another, banners by themselves can tell the world who you are, and what is your work about.

Banners can be a simple image, or can be a great work of art, but both will help you to build up your brand.

The more blogs I used to visit, they had amazing pictures or images, that took me longer to learn how to make them, so this time, I want to share some images you can use in your blog or site, you can download any you like, they are for free.

Free Banners, arts and crafts business,


yes, blue, arts and crafts business, Yes, red, arts and crafts business,


Yes, violeta, arts and crafts  yes, green, arts and crafts business,

What color do you like the most?,  hope you find these banners useful for your blog.

Have a great day, see you back here soon.


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