One Face A Day Doodle Challenge, Free Printable For Your Planner

One Face A Day Doodle ChallengeHello everyone!

Hope you are having a good day, here looks like Mr. Winter has come finally, it’s a chilly and windy day. A good reason to stay inside and work on my planner.

One Face A Day Doodle Challenge, Free Printable.

As I work on my planner, I find more and more good reasons to keep on it. This time I started to make faces doodles on my week planner pages, as I had not many appointments on the last weeks of last year, I began to fill those empty squares with faces.

To make a doodle on those pages on both sides, the permanent black ink could be seen on both sides, not good.

When you have a problem, then find a solution.

One face a day doodle challenge

That’s it, these days, if you are working on having your online business, and once you think on a niche, you can find thousand people working on the same niche.

The best recommendation about how to start your own online business and make a living on it is to solve a problem.

I know this insert for your planner, if you are and artist or a crafter, and if you love to draw doodles every where, will solve a problem for you!.

Print it out, as many times as you want to. You can use it same way I’m doing, or you can use it for your own idea.

Do you need more ideas for this insert? let’s see:

If you are an artist:

  • Warm up miniature sketch every morning.
  • Every time you have an idea for your next art piece, make a quick sketch of it.
  • You want to work on a Children illustrated story, make a quick sketch of every page on every square, you will have then your story board to work on later.
  • When you have any appointment to do some waiting room, you will have a page to work on while you wait, be sure to take with you a pencil or a pen.

If you are a Crafter:

  • Make a sketch of your next project
  • Write down any new ideas you have for your business
  • Cut out from magazines new ideas for your crafts
  • Make short notes about your day

If you need some inspiration to keep focused on your own project or business:

  • Write down an inspiration phrase on each square every day, at the end of every month, you will have a full page of inspiration.

One Face A Day Doodle Challenge

I have seen some artist and illustrators love to draw one face every day, if you like this idea, you can follow this challenge, draw a face every day during one month, then you will have some new characters to work on for your next project.

If you keep this challenge during a year, you will have at the end 365 faces, each one different from the others, you will be able to see your ability to draw had improved.

You can come up with your own idea for this challenge, how about to draw a flower every day, or an animal, there are so many good ideas to work on this challenge. I will love to hear about your ideas for this challenge.

I have for you two free printable for your personal planner junior size. You can print out both or print it out on your favorite color. Keep it for your personal use, if you blog about it, link it back to me.

If you find interesting this idea and this insert for your personal planner, PIN IT so you can find it later.

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I thank you for making the time to visit and read my blog.

Alejandra bA Face a Day Doodle challenge

A face a day doodle challenge


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