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How to start your plannerWhat is the difference between a Diary, an Agenda and a Planner?

A Diary is a book or notebook where you write something that had happened.

An Agenda is for the present, is where you mark down what you will do today.

A Planner is similar to the agenda, but it’s more complete, it’s where you write your future, where you can:

  1. Make plans
  2. Set Goals
  3. Keep track of your activities
  4. Note taking
  5. Bill Paying
  6. Weight loss/Diet planning
  7. Menu planning/groceries lists
  8. Vacations planning
  9. Inspirational quotes
  10. Keep tracking on children and husband schedules
  11. Blog planning
  12. Business planning
  13. Holidays planning
  14. Birthday, events and parties planning
  15. Shopping lists

This list could go on and on, a planner can be as versatile as you need it.

How can you start your own planner.

A few months ago I started to work on my planner,  so much going on my life for the moment:

  • Having a life
  • Part time job
  • Two blogs ( She Quilts Today and Arts And Crafts Business)
  • Being part of a great community at Wealthy Affiliates to learn more about online business
  • Working on my artistic life
  • Giving some art lessons now

I need a planner where I can plan and keep track on what I do everyday. It’s so easy to get distracted on what is going on everyday, at the end of the day, I used to feel I did nothing of what I wanted to do.

Since I keep my planner, it’s easier to keep on the road and see I can accomplish my goals.

Being an artist, a planner has also good points to take in consideration, to tell you the true, I have now two planners:

I keep one at home, more personal, more complete, with more information useful for myself:

  • I keep my personal plans on it
  • my weekly and monthly income
  • I make my business plan
  • reading list
  • Work book
  • Priorities List
  • Monthly  Goals
  • Monthly Budget

And I have another planner in my bag, yes I take it with me all the time, it’s lighter, and it’s not so personal.

  • My agenda
  • Groceries list
  • Sketchbook
  • White pages to take notes
  • Some pages with photographs of my work
I find this planner very handy to take anywhere with me, it helps me a lot:
  • On my work: as a part time worker (nanny of 5 years old boys triples, nanny for another family of 3 kids ages from 1 to 10 years old, and sometimes as a farm employee) this planner is very handy anytime one of my bosses ask me for an appointment, I just open my agenda and I can schedule my next appointment.
  • Menu plans and Grocery list: so useful to keep on a budget and don’t waste any food, living in the country where the closet grocery store is 15 kms, if you go every time there just to get what you forgot to get, it cost more on gas and also is not good for the environment.
  • Sketchbook, how many times, when you are an artist, you are far from home, with no sketchbook and you have an idea for your next project, you get home and that idea is no longer on your mind, with some white pages of your favorite paper for sketching on your planner, this will be no longer a problem. Next time you have an idea, just make a fast sketch or write down your idea on paper. When you have more time to work on it, your ideas will be on paper.
  • Photographs of your work, in case you get to meet some people interested on your work, you will be ready to show them some of your work. Keep also some business cards with you to hand them to them.

So many good reasons to have a planner, whether you have only one, two like me, or you can find out you might need more, once you start to keep one, you find out what your needs are, and you will be able to keep one, two or more planners.

How to start working on your planner.

There are many ways to start working on a planner, the easiest way I could say, it would be on a commercial agenda. You can mark down your appointments, but soon you will find out you need more pages to work on.

You can buy one planner and start working on it, I haven’t seen any planner for sale on stores, it might be easier to find one on the internet, there are few out there good. Etsy is always a good place to find one.

Once you get your planner starter kit, you can write down what are your needs, and then you can look for any planner pages you need, once again, Etsy has many different planners kits.

Get it more visual.

I started my planner marking down my appointments, then I wrote down some inspirational quotes, birthdays, events and more.

Everything looked the same!!

When you do this, some appointments can be missed, not because you forgot them, the only reason it happened to me was because everything look the same.

There is always a way to do it better and easier, that was when I found first the color markers, yes one color for work, another color for doctor appointments and etc.

But, as an artist, I’m a visual person, and it’s easier to look at my planner and see different stickers to mark up different appointments.

So now I’m working on my personal planner, and planner stickers, when you are an artist is easier to know what do you need and how do you want it.

Free Planner Stickers

This time I have some free stickers for your planner, they are simple shapes with the most common and more often needs for your planners:

  • Work
  • To do
  • To do list

Feel free to down load it and print it out, one is in blue, pink and green, the other one is in purple, yellow and blue.

Free stickers for planners

Free stickers for planners

If you are looking for more stickers for your planner, visit my Etsy Store.

Print it up on stickers paper, with the help of a pair of scissors you can cut out every sticker and keep them on a box or a plastic bag, keep them handy, so you can use them anytime you need to make a new schedule or mark down an appointment.

Hope this stickers help you to keep on your planner, get more creative and make easier your day!

If you find these stickers helpful, remember to Pin It, so you can find them again.

Alejandra b

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