Free Summer To Do List

how to make your own personal plannerSummer will begin this Sunday 21st, on this part of the world, weather is nice and warm, in South summer might be cold.

Free Summer To Do List

The point is no matter where we live, Summer is here, and with it, we might have a few things to do, to keep track on my “To Do List” I designed a “Summer To Do List”.

If you are a student, and you’re planning an awesome Summer, a To Do List will help you to keep track of your planned activities.

If you are a mom or dad with kids at home during summer, it’s always a good idea to make a plan and get some activities for the kids and for the family together to enjoy a good summer, no matter we still need to keep on our jobs and get focused on them, there is always good ideas to do together with the family and spend some quality time together and make up good memories.

For artist and crafters, summer light is something I really love, I can work better during this time of the year, when I work on my watercolors, sun is most of the days bright, and I get better day light in my studio, weather is nicer out, I need to make my “To do list” for this summer to keep track on my goals for this year.

For you too, it’s time to check on your goals for this year, and see how you doing. Are you getting as far as you wanted to get for this 2015 with your art, and with your business?

Do you need to make new plans to get your goals accomplished?
You can download here your Free Summer To Do List, this list if for your junior or A5 size planner.

Free Summer To Do List

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2 thoughts on “Free Summer To Do List

  • June 20, 2015 at 11:09 am

    I like your blog and your to do list is very thoughtful.I myself get on better with the winter weather,I hate the long sunny nights,I know the sun shine is supposed to lift your moods but It makes me sad.Call this weird or what but I love the wind and rain,I do like a little fine weather and let,s face it it is easier to play tennis in fine weather,and I do enjoy this but I always preferred the winter nights when I was younger and I guess that has just stuck with me.

  • June 25, 2015 at 5:45 am

    I am a chronic to-do list maker. I find them to be a great guideline to keep focused about what I want to achieve, and it’s super satisfying when you are able to tick items off! This printable is great, thanks for sharing!

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