This is my story: How I’m working to build up my own online business

Hi, my name is Alejandra.

I was looking for a job, where I could do better. This is why one day I gave myself some time to know more about Affiliate Marketing.

I’m a Mexican 50+ woman living in Southwestern Quebec, Canada, I live in the country, in a beautiful little town where al the business are related with farming, must of them grow apples, for this reason, good jobs in this area are just a few, and must of the jobs here are on the minimum wage and involves hard physical work. All these jobs are not for me anymore.


Let me tell you how I’m working smart to build up my own online business from my home.

Before I tell you how I do it, let me say:

  • I’m not selling you anything
  • I will not ask for your credit card
  • I just want to tell you how you too can build up your own online business for free.

If you are like me, looking for freedom!

Yes freedom to work from home and on my own time, it is known, today internet has created a new opportunity for everyone to make a living online, young students, young people, retired, moms and dads, ordinary people who are looking for a way to make a real income from home.

I wake up every morning, no rush to get ready, I can enjoy my cup of coffee, I don’t need to be at my office, I can sit down and from my  own desk start a new work day from home.

Building up a business that will allow me to have more free time with my family, stay at home, work on my  own pace, setting the goals I want to reach.

Do you thing, working like this is what you are looking for?


wealthy affiliates

I can tell you how you can create your own freedom.

No, this is not another scam, on internet these days you con find scams in every corner! There are many people trying to take advantage of others. Many people on the internet will offer you a product for thousand of dollars leaving you with a poor product to figure out by yourself.


At this point, you might have a few questions:

how how

Affiliate Marketing, is it your ticket to your own freedom?

I’m sure this is the best way to build up your own freedom, it has allowed to many people to build their own online business from home, it might be your solution too.

  • It is very easy to get started
  • It is low cost, you can even get started for free
  • You will need time
  • No money to collect
  • You get paid for recommendations that lead to sales
  • You can work on your own schedule


Kyle and Carson WA

Kyle and Carson

My mission at Arts And Crafts Business, is to empower and inspire artist and crafters to get the knowledge to self-employment and get a better income.

Lessons 7/24 available

  • How to start and set a site with WordPress
  • How to choose a niche and buy Domain Names with NameCheap
  • how to leverage SEO,
  • how to find the best keywords
  • how to set up Google authorship and Google analytics
  • how to utilize Bing Webmasters Tools
  • how to apply for affiliate programs
  • how to create content and to write a blog
  • And much more


Wealthy Affiliates, arts and crafts business, .


If you like what you see, and what you learn, you can upgrade to Premium account, you can learn more about WA in this chart. You will see there are so many good reason to sign up for Premium.

At Wealthy Affiliates you will learn how to start your own website and online business.

wealthy affiliates

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your website
  • Blog
  • Affiliates Market
  • Promote Wealthy Affiliates
  • Learn internet Marketing

You can start to learn and build your own website at your own pace, you will count with an amazing community that are building are learning the same as you will, each one of the member will be willing to help you out with all your doubts, you will learn from them, you will find many successful stories to learn from too.

There are all kinds of kind of websites at Wealthy Affiliates, and you will find also Artist and Crafters like me learning how to build our own website. You won’t be alone, this amazing community will help you through.

While you count with Kyle, Carson and the great community, you will find out it’s easy to develop your own website for your art or crafts. Soon you will see goo results.

If you have any questions, leave a comment, I will answer them.

Hope to see you at Wealthy Affiliates soon!

alejandra, arts and crafts business,


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