12 Hobbies That Make Money

Hobbies That Make Money

Arts and crafts are so related to hobbies, you might have started to work as a hobby on one of your talents, as you kept working on it, you have turned it into a way to create art!

You might work at a regular job today and you’ve always wanted to find the way to turn this hobby into a way to make money from it to support yourself and your family.

We are so lucky to live today with the internet the chances to turn any hobby into a business are bigger and easier.

Today someone is just looking to find some help to create something that for you it’s easy to make!

Have you ever wondered if there would be anyone interested to buy from you or to learn from you?

The answer is yes, nowadays you can make money doing what you love to do as a hobby.

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Here are 12 examples of what you can do to start making money from your hobby.l disclaimer here.

1 Passion For Fashion

Love to give some good tips to your family and friends at the time to choose a new piece of clothing?

Do you get always great comments for your outfits?

Why not to start a blog where you can help many to pick the right clothing for every occasion?

You could turn your love for creating amazing outfits and help many to dress well!

2 Baking and Decorating Cakes

Not everyone can bake a good cake and many have problems at the time to make cookies!

For you it’s something that is so natural! Everytime you get in the kitchen you can make a delicious cake with almost nothing!

Have you thought about giving your talent that you have to help others?

Many people would love to know what is the trick to bake a delicious cake from scratch and leave the kitchen as if nothing happened there!

3 Gardening – Your Love For Plants Can Make You Rich Hobbies That Make Money

We love to spend time outdoors and enjoy the landscape, but not everyone has a green thumb to grow a beautiful garden!

For you it’s something that comes so easy and you always get the best compliments about your garden!

Many will love to know how do you do it and will be happy to learn from you the secrets to grow beautiful plants!

4 Get Paid To Write

You’re good at writing and you would love to find a way to work on it from home, you can start your own business helping others to write the content their blogs need to grow.

Nowadays more and more bloggers are looking to find good writers to help them to create new content for their blogs.

You can get specialized in one niche and promote your self as a writer in that niche, you can grow your own client list and get commissions to write a few articles per week.

As you start on this business and as you get better at it, your income will grow, today a blogger can pay to a writer from 10 to 15 dollars per article to even up to $ 100.

Here’s how a passionate and columnist blogger made a massive $ 225,000 in one year, from freelance writing from home

5 Taking Pictures

There’s a high demand of good pictures today!

If you love to take pictures here and there, there’s a big chances you can start your own online business doing what you love to do!

You have learned how to take good pictures and how to edit them, start selling them online, there are a few platforms where you can create your own account and get some sales from it.

You sell the right to use your pictures but the picture will be always yours.

As bloggers or entrepreneurs use your pictures to create content for their blogs, you get a % of the sales every time someone paid for using your pictures.

Learn how to write picture descriptions with the right keywords and promote your pictures on Social Media, your business will grow at the same time people find your work on the internet.

6 Graphic Designer

You love to draw and design everything, you have grown your passion to make anything better with a couple of lines here and there,

Here’s how you can start your home based business:

  • Websites
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • T-shirt design
  • Posters
  • Book Covers
  • Social Media Design
  • Ad Design

7 Drawing Cartoons

Who doesn’t love to laugh?

Everyone loves to find a cartoon to get their 5 minutes of laughter that will cheer up the day!

You’re good at it, start today your own website where you can share daily or weekly comic strips to your audience, as you keep working on growing your blog post on your blog, you can share them on Social Media.

Learn how to write the catchy titles with the right keywords and your audience will find you and will follow you.

Once you get an audience big enough, you can work on creating some products to sell online.

I just started my own Cartoon Website, you can visit the Miss Fox’s Adventures here!

8 Drawing and Illustrating Anything

Nowadays is the best time for freelancing artist, if you’re good at drawing and illustrating you can start your new career today.

Bloggers and business owners are looking to create some illustrations to brand their online business.

Grow your business creating images for bloggers and for online business people, help them to find their own brand and give them a hand to get the images their business need to stand out from the rest.

Passive income business idea: Write a blog where you help others to get better at drawing by sharing some tips from you, create your YouTube channel to grow an audience, in a few months you can monetize the channel and make money from it.

9 Painting Murals Hobbies That Make Money

You’re good at painting and you love to make big pieces of art, why not give a chance to your creativity to start your business painting murals.

Some people are looking to give their properties a plus nobody else can have, nowadays hiring artist to add beauty to buildings is on high demand.

Your art will help owners to help their properties to stand out from the rest.

I’m sure you can talk with some friends or family who would be interested for you to paint some murals for them for free, so you can take some pictures from your work and start writing a blog, then you can start your business.

Work outside during the good weather months and get hired to paint murals indoors during the cold weather months.

Interested to grow a passive income from your art, create an online course or an e-book sharing some tips to help others to paint their own murals at home.

10 Making Jewerly

Hand made jewelry is a trend nowadays, and not all the world can make it, if you’re a talented artist that makes beautiful handmade jewelry, you could start your own business selling off or online your different pieces of jewelry.

What looks hard to do, it can be learned, all you need is to learn how to write your blog and grow your audience on Social Media so people can find you.

Create an online store where people can find you and buy from you.

This blogger claims to have made up to $ 170 K on Etsy sales!

11 Sewing

You would love to spend every day in the sewing room, making all kind of clothing for you and your family or sewing everything for your home!

The good news is people will die to learn how to turn a piece of fabric into a breath taking kitchen curtain!

Your passion to work with fabric and thread can be the beginning to create a solid business where you can make different things to sell off and online.

Share your creations on your own blog and find your niche: How to sew …

  • Baby clothing
  • Children clothing
  • Home decoration
  • Holidays decoration

12 DIY Crafts Hobbies That Make Money

Young and old people love to make crafts, from crafts with paper to fabric or other materials to use, you can build up a solid online business if you’re good at it.

Your passion to turn anything into a pretty and useful thing will lead you to grow an audience and within time you can make a full income from it.

Start writing your own blog and share some good tutorials, find the right keywords to write a catchy title and you’ll grow a big audience.

Make some tutorials videos to share your ability to make crafts and people will follow you.

Write an e-book or create a paid online course.

Closing Thoughts on Hobbies That Make Money.

No matter what hobby you love to do, nowadays there’s a good chance to grow a solid business at the same time as you keep working on it.

Your passion will help others to get better at it as you keep writing content for them on your blog or making videos on your YouTube channel.

As you see your audience growing you can start working on creating content to sell and start making money from your passion.

Find your niche. It’s not the same to bake a cake than bake a cake for children parties.

The more precise your niche is the more chances you’ll have to find your ideal client to grow your business.

Keep creating content for your audience and your sales will grow.

Find the right keyword – It may be the first time you hear the word of “keyword” and it may take some time for you to learn what it is and how to work with it.

But once you learn what a keyword is and how to use it, it will be easier for you to find your client and help them to solve a particular problem to make their lives better.

Create your own business – Once you get your own audience and they follow you to learn from you or to solve a problem in their lives with your help. Then you can create your business whether it is off or online.

A business is something that will require work, time and money from you, you can’t create a solid business in one day, but you can do it in time!

Start today with the first step, then keep working on it, and you’ll soon be running your own business based on your passion!

If you want to learn more about how to turn your passion into a business, I will recommend to you the book From Passion to Income: How to turn your hobby into a profitable business by Sharon Barnett

If you have any question about this article, leave your question on a comment, I’ll reply to it.

Want to start learning about how to create your own website and how to learn about what is a keyword and why it is so important for your business, you can start learning here today!

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Hobbies That Make Money

Hobbies That Make Money

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    Turning passion  to money is a great feeling and I cannot hammer it enough the benefits attached to being able to make money through hobbies. My hobby is writing and I have made quite a huge some from it too from being a freelance writer at various freelance websites. Though it is a tasking hobby but the pay is worthy so, it is a lucrative offer. Thanks


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