How Much Does A Blog Cost 2019

How Much Does a Blog Cost is the question many people might have, today I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m spending to keep my blog running with good results.

If you’re new to blogging or if you’re a new blogger, you might have already or you might be close to push the button to create your brand new blog today!

Blogging is the new career many people are choosing to start working from home with good results.

The path will be nice and great from the beginning to many bloggers, but it might be hard and bumpy to others.

Taking the time to learn the ropes of this amazing new career, will save you lots of problems and before you notice you’ll be the new blogger that reach a big success.

You can start learning how to blog at the same time you can start making money on Affiliate Marketing, sign up today for the 10 lessons FREE course at Wealthy Affiliate.

How long does it takes to start making money from a blog?

Before you ask that question, you need to know, that if you’re here to know how fast your blog will be making tons of money for you, then this is not the right place for you. Sorry!

If you want to write a blog to start working from home with good results, you need to know that you’ll need to work hard and smart before your blog starts making money for you.

The best way to reach your blogging goals is to learn how to do it from successful bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

Before you quit, I need to tell you, that you can make it happen, everything will be possible for you and it will be better when you get the best knowledge and help from other people who had been there already.

To start a blog, you need to put some money in first, today I’ll tell you how much money my blog cost me every single month.

how much does a blog cost

Free blog VS your own blog

You’ll be working hard and very smart while you build up your own online business, you don’t want to build it where you’re not sure if one day you wake up to see your business is gone … for ever!

Yes, that can happen, when you start a free blog with the domain of Blogger, WordPress or even other platforms.

It’s always better to start your own domain and work smart from the beginning to build an online business that is yours.

Most of the people who are working to build a strong online business with good results pick the choice to build their websites and blog buying their own domain.

It doesn’t matter what happens in the future with the platform as you own your website and your blog.

Take the time to learn more about why it is good to start your own blog than yourblogname.blogger (dot) com or yourblogname.word press (dot ) word press or other platform on the market.

As you work to build a free blog, all your hard and smart work do not belong to you, it belongs to the platform you use. If one day they decide to close the platform, your website will be gone with them.

It’s always better to own your blog or website from the beginning, if you’re new to blogging and you’re afraid of making some mistakes, don’t worry, everyone has been in the same place, we all have made small and big mistakes.

As you keep blogging to share what you are and what you do with the world, you’ll be learning and you’ll improve your blogging skills, one day your blog will be one of the best in your niche.

Meanwhile, start your blog and learn how to blog at the same time as you work on it.

If you make any mistake on the way, don’t worry, there’s always a way to fix blogging mistakes and make your blog to stand out from the rest in your niche!

The Best Laptop To Write A Blog

One thing for sure you’ll need is to get a good computer to work on as you work to build up your website and blog.

You always can start with the one you have at home, as always I say, don’t make any big investments in hardware until you test it and you get to know this is what you want to do as a business.

When I started to blog, a few years ago, I used to have a PC, then I got as a Christmas present a new laptop from my husband.

That way I started to learn about blogging and sharing what I love to do, my art (quilts, illustrations and watercolor)

Today, I don’t have anymore that old PC or that laptop, I got a new laptop, a small one a few years ago.

After I got it, something happened on it that it didn’t work as expected, so I got a smaller one while my husband worked on the laptop, a few weeks later I ended having two laptops, one smaller that the other one, and I’ve been working on them since then, with good results.

I kept the two laptops as one is smaller, there a few things I can’t do on it, so I can use the bigger laptop.

Acer Laptop

It’s small but very good to work on it, I use this laptop daily to work on it to write most of the articles for this blog and my niche blog. How much a blog cost

It works like a charm, on this laptop I have photoshop, so I work on it to make all the images for my blogs.

I’ve taken it on a few trips, it fits perfect in a small carry on bag, easy to get connected to internet everywhere, so if you decide to buy it, you’ll be happy to work on it.

Check the price of the Acer Laptop on Amazon

The Cons.

The first week after I got it, the screen went black, no matter how many times I tried to start it, the screen was always black.

As always, my husband did a great job searching on the internet for a way to fix up that problem, and he found it.

You need to take out the battery and push the start button for a few seconds, then get the battery back in to the laptop, start the laptop and it will start with no problem.

Sometimes you need to work a few times on this step to get your laptop working.

I must say, this happened two or three times when the laptop was new, the rest of the time, it has been working great with no problem at all.

I’m really happy to have the Acer LapTop at home.

Toshiba laptop

This is a really good laptop to have, it’s touch screen and it works really good every time I work on it. how much does a blog cost

I don’t use it as often as I should, as I’m more used to work on the small ACER laptop.

I use this laptop often to work on Corel Draw software and Vegas Movie Studio.

I have no complaints about this laptop at all, it works great and it’s easy to work with both software I use on it.

I got this computer about 5 or 6 years ago and it works as good as the first day.

Check the Toshiba Laptop on Amazon

Apple Macbook Air Laptop

This is my husband’s laptop, but sometimes I use it, as you might know by now, owning an Apple laptop is something you might give it a thought as you work as a blogger.

It’s easy to work on it, it’s light, it’s smaller that my two laptops and it’s easy to get connected to the internet everywhere.

If you have the money to invest on a good laptop to keep blogging or to start blogging, this will be a good investment to make.

Check the Apple Macbook Air Laptop on Amazon

IPad Air

I won’t change my IPad for anything else! How much does a blog cost

It’s light, very portable and works like a charm!

I got my first IPad 5 years ago and since that day I just loved it, I was a beginner blogger and I didn’t know much about the daily blogging tasks any blogger should do.

I’ve learned about all these blogging task every blogger should do as:

  • Writing new content
  • Create new content
  • Share your content on Social Media
  • Research on the internet before you write new content for your blog
  • Others.

On last December I got a new IPad as the old one couldn’t be updated anymore.

This is a small investment to make but I’m really happy I did it.

The new IPad works like a charm and it will help you to blog better with no problem at all.

It’s so easy to work on it, you can get as many apps as you need to.

As you work on your own website and blog, you’ll get to know what is it that your blog needs, as not all blogs are the same.

As I keep working every day on my IPad to do more and more tasks for my blog, I’m learning about what apps can help me to do a better job creating content and sharing my content on Social Media.

I’ve had a talk with one of my sons, who knows more about computers than me, and he told me, there will be some new updates for the IPad, and soon it will be working as a small computer.

No matter what you need to create and share your content as an artist, crafter or a blogger, you’ll be able to do everything from your IPad.

Check the IPad Air price on amazon

Typing Board for your IPad.

Another good thing to do it’s to buy a typing board for your IPad, you just put your IPad on it and voila, you have a mini computer to work on it. how much does a blog cost

I have no problem to write long post on it, I use the typing board the same as I use my laptop. It takes no time to write a new blog post and upload new images and then you can edit the post before you publish.

The best thing to work with an IPad as a blogger is you can carry your IPad with you anywhere, and you have a good camera to take pictures that you can edit later and then you can share them on your Social Media.

Check the Logitech Type + Protective case price on Amazon

Hosting And Domain

You might have read a few blogs where they recommend you to get a hosting with some different hosting platforms like

  • others.

But as I only recommend what I’m currently using to host my blogs with great results, I need to say I’m currently using Wealthy Affiliate as a hosting platform.

You might have read about Wealthy Affiliate as a platform where you can sign up for FREE to learn the first lessons to start your own website with affiliate links.

As you upgrade your membership to PREMIUM you can learn more about how to write your website to start making money with affiliate marketing and soon you can own your own niche site.

As a proof that it works, here I am, as I keep working on my niche site, I’m starting to make a living from it on affiliate marketing.

But Wealthy Affiliate host my websites and blogs too, as I signed up to Premium membership, I can host up to 25 websites with no extra cost.

Premium membership has a cost of $49.00 (American dollars monthly), you can read more about Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate here.

The first thought about paying a $49.00 monthly for a hosting might seem too high, but when you learn about all the benefits that come with it, the price is better of what you might end paying for all those extras fees you need to pay to run a website.

As you learn how to blog, you’ll be learning what other companies you need to sign up to keep your blog running and growing.

As I keep my websites with Wealthy Affiliate, I get all the training I need to learn more about the blogging business and the new tendencies of blogging and niche site at not extra fees.

I’ve been a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate for almost 5 years, and I can tell you I have no worries about any problem with the platform and I get the best service from their support team you can find on the internet.

As I don’t need to worry about any problem with my websites or from the platform, all my job is to focus on creating more content for my blog and to learn more about how to build up an art business.

I can’t find any “Cons” to Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The price that it cost me it’s less than having a daily coffee, as an online business, I want to get the best hosting service I can find!

how much a blog cost

Training To Learn How To Blog

As an artist, as a crafter or as a blogger, you need to learn many things you might not know about how to run a business today.

No matter how good you are on what you love to do, you need to always learn about:

  • How to build an online business
  • How to run a business
  • Business Social Media
  • How to create images for your blog
  • How to write
  • Copy writing

As I mention before, I get the best training at Wealthy Affiliate, I get a weekly webinar run by Jay with important topics about website building and running your niche business as:

  • Online entrepreneur certification – Kyle
  • Building your own traffic – Kyle
  • Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Kyle
  • The fundamentals of WordPress – Jay
  • Researching and Understanding Website Rankings – Jay

As you can see, I and you too, if you decide to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, I get all the training I need to keep working to grow and build up my own online business.

A Blogger Should Keep Learning.

As an artist and as a crafter you (and me too) will need to learn more stuff about art business.

You can find interesting topics to learn about that will help you to keep growing your business.

Follow some Art and Crafts YouTubers that shares great tips on their channels

Topics like:

  • How to paint, you might be a good oil painting or watercolor artist and you might want to start your own YouTube channel, you can learn about what steps other artist do, so you can create your own YouTube channel to share some tips your audience will love to know and this way your website will get more traffic.
  • How to create your AAAA account to share some topics from your art or from your crafts with a monthly fee, this is another way some artists are creating a monthly income with good results.

But there’re always some other platforms where you can learn more about how to run your blog as an artist, or some skills you need to learn to create better images for your blog.

You can sign up to this platform to learn a few skills you need to help your business to grow. You’ll find amazing artist and crafters here that already share good tips about this topic.

Why not to give it a try, you might want to learn how to sign up to and share some courses to give your audience some tips about your art and about how you make your crafts.

Two years ago I signed up to this platform when I saw an ad on Facebook, it was about a course to learn how to paint something. It was a good course and I love the platform.

As I kept getting some ads on Facebook, soon I noticed I could learn about something related to art business, so I signed up to that course.

Since that day, I haven’t stopped to learn more about how to run an art business. is a platform where you can find all kind of topics related to art business, from learning how to paint to learning about Pinterest as a business, how to get your Instagram account for your business, to learn more about how to grow your business on Facebook with no need to pay for ads!

Ha! who would think you can learn how to grow your business and website on Facebook with no need to pay for ads, when everyone is telling you to sign up to their courses to learn how to get paid for traffic from Facebook!

So, I bought this course, and I’m so happy I did!

The first thought about Domestika platform is that it’s in Spanish, most of the courses are from top art people that speak Spanish.

So how come I share this information on this blog, to tell you about what you can learn to help your business if you might not speak Spanish.

But the good news is, you can sign up to Domestika. com and learn from it what your business needs, as each course can be read in English and other languages.

So you can get the good content from Domestika’s courses in English too.

Some of the courses I already taken and they are helping me to build up my art business are:

Copy writing.

Learn more about Facebook for business

Other cost for your online art business

At this point, is what my online business is, but I know there will be soon be some more fees to pay every month as my business grows.

E-mail marketing

For the moment I’m using, but its free membership is up to 2000 subscribers on your list, after that number I will be paying the fee to keep my business growing.


If I want to get more traffic to my blog, I need to use Pinterest as the best Social Media platform to help me to grow my blog, soon I’ll be signing up to Tailwind .


The next step to do for my business is to buy a Theme, I haven’t done it as at Wealthy Affiliate I have also the good service that they provide all its members with a wide amount of WordPress themes at not extra cost.


If you started your own website or blog to share what you do with the world, you’re on the right path.

More and more artists are learning how to blog to reach more clients and make more sales.

Writing an art blog is also an art that can be learned, don’t feel bad if you see some days no matter how hard you work your blog is not getting all that crazy traffic you were expecting to have.

It takes time and lots of good work.

The best thing is you need to keep going, if something is not working the way you were expecting to, you always can learn the ropes of the business.

Writing blog post that your audience will read, building the audience on Social Media to get traffic to your blog and making sales!

Your final goal is to make sales!

You’ll keep your business going when you get sales!

It’s a path to work on, you have the first step done, you’re here to learn about what to do, and you might have already a blog, if not, I’ll invite you to sign up to the 10 lessons FREE course to Wealthy Affiliate and start your Free website with them, you’ll learn a lot and you’ll be making your first steps.

You can read too:

How To Create A Viral Pin – Pinterest has become the best Social Media Platform, it will help you to get the traffic you site needs!

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Best Tips To Grow An Art Business With YouTube – YouTube will help you to spread your voice with your audience.

12 Tips To Grow On Instagram – This platform will become your art business your best friend!

If you have already your own blog, but you still have not the good results you wish to have, you can also sign up to Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about how to start.

A blog is something you can always work on it to improve it.

Learn the ropes of online business with the best mentors you can find on the internet, and as you keep working on it, you’ll see your art and crafts business taking off!

how much does a blog cost

5 thoughts on “How Much Does A Blog Cost 2019

  • July 9, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Hi Alejandra,

    I agree that earning money from a blog or any affiliate marketing website takes a long time. It also takes a lot of hard work and patience. I believe that the biggest cost of building a business this way is time as you have to spend a lot of time writing quality content. When choosing a topic for your website, is it best to choose something that is currently trending or to look for the next big thing? Or is it best to stick with something you know about?

    • July 9, 2019 at 7:15 pm

      Hi Tom,

      You’re right when you say building a blog to make a living from it requires hard and smart work and patience.

      I should say what works better is to stick on your idea (niche) keep learning from a good mentor and keep working on it, it will pay off soon.


  • July 9, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    Your article is packed with so much information that I’m sure every reader can learn something from it. I am a blogger myself and I have to admit it that I learned and started everything from Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I also agree that a blogger should continously learn to improve and keep up with the updates and demands of the growing market/audience.

    • July 9, 2019 at 7:13 pm

      Hi Gillian,

      I’m happy to say Hi to another Wealthy Affiliate member, we all can learn from Kyle, Carson, Jay and many more how to blog the right way, hard and smart work will lead us to build our blogs!

      Keep at it and let me know how your blog is doing!


  • July 9, 2019 at 7:20 pm

    Wow! You just summarized everything needed to be a blogger in one piece. I could remember I spent close to $60 3 years ago on a book that promises to guide one on how to move from zero to hero as a blogger (not even as rich as the content you put up here). But then, I found wealthy affiliate; this gave me a major turn around. Tons of materials to learn from and a beautiful community that helps you keep going. I’m in to art blogging too.


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