How To Add Some Cuteness To Your Planner.

Hello everyone.

Today I’m glad to share with all you some new stickers for your planner.

Planning your week ahead sometimes can look like a hard time to come, keep it simple and keep it the best look on your planner.

When you plan ahead your days, you can take off from your head lots of things, this is the main purpose of keeping a planner. If you add some stickers with color or a theme, you can plan your week or weeks to come easier.

Color on your planner will help you out to highlight important appointments, this way it will require less work to keep all the appointments on your head, focus on one thing at the time, your planner and stickers will help you out to do your work the best and easy way.

Soft Color Stickers.

Pastel color stickers for your planner


I’m sure with these soft color stickers you will add cuteness to your planner at the same time you can highlight some appointments or important dates to remember.

Matrioshkas Stickers.

Matrioskas Stickers for your planner

Who doesn’t love Matrioshkas? these lovely Matrioshkas stickers will add some charm to your planners.

You can use them to highlight an important date or appointment, or if you need to cancel an appointment you can stick one Matrioshka sticker on the day and your planner will look clean and neat.

Rabbit And Elephant Stickers for your Planner

Rabbit and elephant stickers for your planner

These cute rabbits and elephant stickers will look so happy on your planner, they will help you out to make a nice week for you!

You can buy each one of these Stickers on my Etsy Store, once you buy them you will receive a PDF file, 300 ppi with no water mark on them, you can print them out as many times as you want to, just use them for your personal use.

I thank you for making the time to stop and read my blog, if you find these stickers are the right ones for you and your planner, PIN Them, this way you will find them later.

Alejandra b

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