How To Blog While You Are On Your Vacations.

How to blog on your vacationsHello every one!

As weather is cold at home, I’m spending some time in Mexico visiting my family, lucky you! You might think, and I’m , warmer weather, great food, and most of all I enjoy of great company.

It’s like being on vacations, but as an online business owner, I must carry on with it, before I left Canado to come to Mexico I made my plans to keep on blogging.

But I never thought I could face some problems when you try to travel and blog at the same time.

My best advice here could be:

No matter how many or what kind of problems you can face while traveling, keep on the positive side of life, relax and keep going.

I would like to share some of the problems I had faced during the last three weeks here in Mexico.

First, I packed my Personal Planer , my IPad and my computer. So I thought  I have everything I need.

Ok. As soon as I got to my mom’s house I plugged up my laptop,  then I found out it doesn’t get the internet. I contacted the computer man, he checked on it, and he can’t find any problem on my laptop.

My sister told me to work on her Mac, hmmm what a difference! Working on a Mac it’s like driving the best car ever!  I’m so thankful to my sister to let me use it, she saved my life as a blogger!

Second problem.

Spending time with my family is so good and nice, it’s hard for me to keep on my planned schedule, and I can’t blame anyone but me, I better focus on my business schedule plan during the time my family is busy on their own things.

Third problem.

At home, I’m so used to my machines, my laptop with the computer programs I use to work with, my printer, and all the supplies I have at hand to work with when I do my quilts, my planner or my paintings.

How to solve this problem?

  • Relax, you can work out any problem you will face during your vacations, being worried about something is not as it should be, won’t help at all.
  • Be creative, wherever you are, you will be able to find solutions.
  • The best thing about being an artist and/or crafter is, you are always so creative, you will find something to blog about on your niche.
  • Keep positive and smile while you work on your next article, your readers always notice it.
  • Pay attention around you, you will find so creative people to learn from, this always will help to improve your business.

One face a day drawing challenge

While I’m on my vacations, I keep working on my own drawing challenge, one face everyday, January is done, and 15 days already on February,

Thanks for stopping by and read my blog, if you have more ideas on how to solve a problem while you are on your vacations and it makes hard for you to keep working on your blog, leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

Alejandra b

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