How To Change The Cover On Your Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest is one of the ways you can use to get more traffic to your blog. Every time I explore Pinterest is full with beautiful pictures, if you are already using Pinterest for your business I would think you are doing all things right.

This means every time you Pin one picture on your Pinterest business board you include your name brand, your site, blog and/or your online store link, and you also connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles for increased visibility.

Pinterest is a visual medium for marketing, it’s important to keep your own Pinterest on your niche visual point.

My Pinterest boards also require of maintenance, every month, I like to take a look on it, and see what do I get on the first 10 seconds I open it, take a look on your own Pinterest the way your visitors and clients look at it.

Don’t let them get bored of it, if you don’t make new Pins, people won’t get any notice of you keep working on it. They won’t stop to look at it anymore because your Pinterest boards are always the same.

It’s important to change boards covers often, and check if all your boards shows the pictures you picked for covers right.

Last night it happened to me, I noticed one of my boards covers wasn’t showing at all. Sometimes when you Pin pictures from other boards or blogs, the owner of those boards or blogs decide to take off that picture and this cause this picture won’t show on your board anymore.

It’s time to chance the board cover, and it’s not difficult to do, I also like to change the covers often, and if the season change, I also like to change the covers and pick some photos for the cover with the color of the season.

How to change a board cover.

1. This time I noticed on my food board the picture didn’t show. Click on EDIT

2. A window will open on your left, click on Cover

3. You will get the pictures you have on this board , pick the picture you want to set as the cover and click on it.

4. If the picture you picked is a long one, as it was in this case, you can move the picture up and down, until you get the piece of the picture you want to set as your cover.

5. Click on DONE

6. Click on Save

7. I got a new cover for my Food Board.

Remember to keep outdated all your boards as all the information a client would ask about your business on your boards and pictures, this will make easier to your clients to get in touch with you.

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