How to design your own Blog, part 2

On this part 2, I will talk more about how to design your own Blog.

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Structure and distribution

This will your open door to your visitors and followers, one blog that is full with gadgets, double side bar, nothing else will not keep your readers on your site, than a site with no good structure and distribution, where it’s not easy to surf .

Keep it simple and easy to surf, avoid doble side bar, get a menu where you share the good content of your site.


Every site and blog has its own background, keep in simple, white or a soft color, this is not the most important part of your blog.

Background should help you to your readers to easily find your content and stay in your blog. Don’t be afraid of white space, it help us to read better and to take a pause when reading on a blog.


Simple and classic fonts are better when writing on a blog, use good size so everyone can read it easily.

Use one font for your content, in black or gray.

For titles you can use another font, and a different color, look to get armony on your blog.

For the menu, it’s ok to use same font in capitals.


Colors in a blog is another important thing, choose colors that goes with your niche, choose no more than three colors,  and remember two would be better when thinking on fonts, try to keep the rest on neutrals, while or beige, for the rest.

Try to use light colors and one stronger for titles.

Try not to use neon colors.


Take your time to design the header of your blog, when working on a Blogger blog, the header will be always same size, but when working on a WordPress blog, headers can be different size, your header will be according on the theme you’re working on.

You need to get the size of the header, design it and download to your site/blog.


Keep one, left or right, as we read from left to right, a better choice would be to keep it on the left.

Keep it simple, many blogs have their sidebar full of things, informations and ads, don’t.

What to have on your sidebar:

  • Social media buttons, if you don’t have it already on your header
  • Suscription button, today this button has become even more important than your social media buttons.
  • Search button, help your readers to find what they want to read on your blog easily.
  • Contact button.
  • Latest post, try to keep your readers longer on your site, let them know you share good content on your blog.
  • A good idea to have on your sidebar, it’s a welcome to your blog, make it more personal having a photo of you, let your readers know you are a real persone like them.

To have a menu on your site/blog is a must these days, make it simple and clear, doing this you will help your readers to know what information they will find on your site/blog

  • Make it simple
  • Write it with a simple font and if you do it on capitals would be better
  • easy to find
  • Don’t put on your manu lots of pages, take your time to work on it to keep just the pages you need to have on your menu.

We have talked about this subject before, this time I will talk about the design of the post.

  • Use a simple and clear font
  • Place good pictures, take your time to work on them and place them on your post
  • Write your post on short paragraphs
  • High light important words and paragraphs
  • At the end of each post always include your suscription button
  • High light title

We should not forget about working the footer of our site/blog, something we must have on it, it’s the copyright of our content.

The best way to tell our readers our content is ours is this way. Place your copyright on the your blog footer.


There’s always something to do on your site/blog design, hope this second part will help you to work on yours. If you want to learn more about this subject you always can join to Wealty Affiliates where you will learn more on this and more about how to get your own site.

I thank you for taking your time to read this post, you can read older post here to know more about how to work from home. You can follow me on my Facebook page for Quilts here, and for illustration here,.

If you have any question, leave a comment, and I’ll respond back.

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