How to design your own blog.

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Developing a business on Arts and Crafts is not hard to do if we love what we do.

Today’s business are different from what used to be, today we have a great tool to help our business to be successful, a Blog, in a blog you will grow a community to follow you, in your blog you will tell your story and you will share your productus to sale.

A blog is a visual tool, it will take only 10 seconds for you to decide if you like the blog you are reading or not, a blog design will help you to keep your readers reading your content.

Most of us are visual, we love to look beauty on things, we love to see a good design.

Designing tips are leading to blogs plain, visual and easy to navigate.

design, arts and crafts business,

Once you decide you want to start your Arts and Crafts business and you will run your own blog, a good idea is to take one step at the time.

Take your time to choose in where do you want to run your blog, you can pick between Blogger and WordPress, each one has its own good points, WordPress has become more popular lately, once you know how it works and all the good things that is has, you will love it.

To work on the design of a blog, it’s not a task of one day or two, it will take a few weeks to get it done, you need to learn how to do it, and don’t wait things get done by themselves.

before you start, arts and crafts business,

Before you start, a good idea it’s to get a test blog, you can keep it private

Keep a file on your computer to keep links, Pinterest boards, pictures etc.

Now it’s time to get to work on our own Blog.

Get inspired, arts and crafts business,

Every time to get in the internet, pay attetion on what you like to see and read. Notice all the good points you get attracted on a blog or on a post.

Paying attention on what you see and what you read, will help you to learn what you want to work on your blog.

  • Fonts and typographic posters
  • Logos and corporative image
  • blogs and websites you like
  • Color Paletts

It’s important to work on the design, the way we want it looks like, it need to me ourselves, it needs to build up our own brand, with our story, our products.

Moodboard, arts and crafts business.

With all the information you have from the previous point, you can build a moodboard for your blog.

Pay attention to your own ideas on your business, what is the impression you want to give to your visitors and clients.

  • What are the color palette you want to use.?
  • What fonts will you use for each part of your blog?.
  • Who is your public?
  • What kind of brand are you building up?
make a sketch, arts and crafts business,

Now that you have all the above information, make a sketch on paper of what you want your blog looks like.

Don’t worry if you are not good sketching, what it’s important here, it’s you get an idea on what you want to work on the design of your blog.

Be yourself, and think on your product and your clients. Draw all you want to on paper. Once you get the idea of what you would like, take your time to look at it, if you think you need to make changes, do it, until you get your final idea.

coding design, arts and crafts business,

Well, we are now here, on this step, what can I tell you about this step, it will take a lot from you,  you will need to take your time to research what to do and how to do it.

You will need to find a blog where you can learn from it on how to do it, you will find some good tutorials that will help you to do it. Try them, work on them on your test blog, you can work on those tutorials as many times as you want to, untill you get the results you want to.

Once on that point, take a look at it, and make yourself these questions.

  • Is this how I want my blog looks like?
  • Is the design of my blog what I want my clients look at?
  • Is it the brand I want to build up?
  • Is my blog easy to navigate?

You can make as many changes as you want to, you can take all the time you want to, once you think you get the final design for your blog, take one day, two and as many you want to, to come to visit it, untill you really like it. Even to this point you might find some points you would like to change. Don’t worry you can make them.

Well, we have gotten to this point, you made it, you can follow all these steps, or you can add more steps or change them, I’m sure you will get a great design for your blog.


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