How to develop your craft product for the market


I like to make quilts, I love to spend my time doing them, I would like one day, I could make a nice business on what I love to do, and make a good income to make a good living.

A few years ago, as a single mom of three boys, then two, as my oldest decided to live with his dad, I made a living on my quilts designs, in my home country Mexico, I could support myself and my two sons.

I used to give quilting classes during the week days and on Saturdays morning.

Times has changed.

I still make my quilts, and I blog about them, but I see times had changed, with the internet, everything moves so fast, most of the crafters are talking about what they made, how they made it, and many of them have their own business.

A good thing about these internet times is, we can have great information very handy.

To develop a craft product is easy for many of us, some crafters are so creative, but one thing is to make a quilt, and another is to sell it or to make a business on it, I talk about quilts, because it’s what I do, but there are so many crafts, knit, crochet, jewelry, and many more.

When making a craft product it is important to think on the Four Basic Needs

  • Love
  • Money
  • Protection
  • Success

If your craft business fulfills one or two, that means you’re doing good. Let’s talk about hand knitted scarf,

Love – wearing a hand knitting scarf can show right self-loved, or to give it as a present, means you love someone
Money – I have a job, and I can afford it.
Protection – it will protect me from the cold on cold days and on winter
Success – I have a good job, I make enough money to buy a hand knitted scarf, so I can get it.
Find out also if the craft you’re making had reached the saturation point, I remember a few years ago in Mexico, most of the women were wearing hand knitted scarfs, some of those scarfs were made by the women who were wearing them, some were bought from friends or from crafters.

When you are making your crafts as a business, you need to ask yourself, if this craft has a life time as a product on the market, and you need to think also, on changes or improve the design to keep alive your product as much as possible.

Where can you sell your crafts?

You need to visit your local stores and ask if they are interested on having your crafts in their stores, check out on the local retail stores what kind of craft are they selling, what crafts are selling good, and what crafts are sitting on the discount racks.

Visit your local craft fairs, check out the fashion tendencies.

Be as flexible as you can

If you are planning to make a business on your crafts, sometimes your personal taste doesn’t fill other people’s taste, when thinking on business, I would be as flexible as I could be, making my crafts on my own style but looking to fulfill the market moment or taste.

I would love to hear from you, what is your craft your making?, are you planning to start your own crafts business?, are you selling your crafts with family and friends or do you have your own online store?

See you soon


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