How to drive more traffic to your Blog

Now you got your Blog, you write your first post, the second and you keep writing more post, with good content, but the question is “How to drive more traffic to your Blog”.

You work hard on your Art and Crafts, you write good content on your blog, you have some good tutorials and share some free patterns or printable files, are you still get not enough traffic to your blog.

You are planning to get some sales and make some money from your blog, but with no traffic, visits will not happen and with no visits no sales.

One thing to do is to let people to know you are here, you have a beautiful and great blog, you have great content, share and talk about your blog and about your art and crafts.

You need to open a Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter account, and if you also have an Etsy store, share your blog posts, so people can read you and get the updates of your work.

Once your followers find your blog and fall in love with your work, they will want to follow you, to make this easier to your followers, share your social media buttons on the side bar of your blog.

You can get Social Media Buttons on the internet for free, but when you are working on your blog to make it one of the kind, a good idea if you have money enough to spend on hiring a professional you can do it.

If you want to get some nice and free buttons I have these buttons for you. You can choose to take the Social Media Buttons on the same color for your blog, or you can take mixed color, they will look nice on your blog.


Etsy button blue Facebook blue button Google+ blue button Pinterest blue button Twitter blue button


Etsy pink button Facebook pink button Google+ pink button Pinterest pink button Twitter pink button


Etsy green button Facebook green button Google+ green button Pinterest green button twitter green button


Etsy purple button Facebook purple button Google+ purple button Pinterest purple button Twitter purple button

To download these Social Media Buttons, just click on the button you want and save it to your computer.

To download these buttons to your blog, you need to follow these steps.


Open your blog + click on design + add a widget on your sidebar + add an image + download social media button image from your computer + add link to your (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Etsy or Twitter) account, one at the time, + save. You need to do same with each one of the Social Media Buttons.


Open your blog + New Post + download one Social Media Button + add link to your Social Media account, one at the time, + click on SAVE DRAFT + click on TEXT, + copy all the text + go to widgets + go to the sidebar + add text + Paste text on the widget + save.

This New Post will be good just to work all the images you want to get for the Social Media Buttons, after you do the first one, do the same with each one of the buttons you want to display on your blog. Do no publish this post, keep it as a Darft.

If you want to start your own Blog you always can join Wealthy Affiliates and learn more about how to have your own Blog and how to make money on the Affiliates market, sharing your blog on the Social media is just one step to get more traffic to your blog, you always can improve what you do to start working from home, Wealthy Affiliates community is always ready to help you out.

If you have any question, leave a comment, I will respond back.

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