How to find your niche

How to find your niche

You go to work every day, you do your best there, but all you think is about you would rather be at home knitting all day long.

And I said knitting but it could be quilting, painting, printing or whatever your hobby is, and your hobby, and this is because every time you are working on your hobby you feel happy and productive.

You have heard about some blogs about creative people that are doing good, they can make a living on their blogs, and you wonder if this could be for you too, could you make a living on your creativity, and if you do, the next question would be, what am I going to talk about on my blog?

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How to find your Niche:

Most of the time crafters and artist are multitasking people, once you learn how to knit, it’s easy to learn to crochet, or once you learn how to do pencil drawings, the next step is trying with oil paintings.  And I could keep talking more and more about how many things creative people can make. And they can make them all great.

One good point here, it’s a good advice some people had told me before, pick one of your skills, the one you feel yourself better on it. That one you enjoy to make it, and you get the most compliments about. It’s like finding on what you are better on.

  • Make a list of things or crafts you are good at making at
  • Mark down, how many times people had asked if you would like to make one for them
  • Mark down, how many times people had asked if you would sell it
  • Mark down if people had asked you, if you would be interested on teaching them to make their owns.
  • Mark down how many times, when people introduce you to friends, they talk about you, as… she or he is __________ and she or he is really good making this or that
  • Mark down everything you heard from people talking about you are good at, and that makes you feel good.

You already know you are good making your hobby, making this list on paper, you will find what are you good at, if you are a creative person, and you like to do many things, find the one you have more passion when making it, and the one people is already interested on, the one people is interested on buying them from you.

Then you had found your niche.

But there’s already so many people talking about it and making business on it, how am I going to make some business on it, could be the next question for you.

The good point here, there are so many people looking already for what you do best, lets talk about winter weather, and I like to knit, and after I did my list, I found out, people is already interested on the winter hats I knit, I look at the internet, and I found there are some online business making and selling them, I don’t think, they can make all the hats people look for.

Or focus from another point your business, after you check other online business or blogs who talk about winter hats,  this is the point where creativity comes,

  • how you can make those winter hats better that others,
  • what can you make on those winters hat easier to make
  • what color will you use to make those winter hats more appealing to people
  • you need to work here on your Ideas Storm, to put here all the ideas that will make your winter hats better than others, and people will talk about them on the internet, and people will visit your site to get them from you.

So now you have found your niche, the next step is to start your own blog and start talking about your craft. I’m sure there will be some people looking for what you love to make.

If you are already interested on starting your own online business, a good place to start is Wealthy Affiliates, you can learn more about how to find your niche there, and more about your own online business, join for free,  I’ll be there to help you out as well all the Wealthy Affiliates community.

You can visit my blog She Quilts Today, and find out more about my passion

Leave me a comment telling me what is your passion, what hobby do you have? , I would love to hear about your hobby.
Take care and see you soon here.


How to find your niche, arts and crafts business,

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