How To Find Your Passion

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Living in the country where it’s hard to find a good job, and one of the best options for a job it’s a 40 hours per week, with the minimum wages.

Wait!, I’m an artist and a crafter, a job like that could kill all my creativity in one week!!

I quitted that job, and I bought a few books about how to turn my hobby into a business, I signed up for a few online courses, and I have reading about  how to work on my own business from home.

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I could tell you, almost everyone talk about how important is to find your passion, being an artist is great, but if you are like me, before I finish one thing I’m already thinking about the next one, sometimes I want to try a new color, a new technic etc.

If you want to start your business like I do, it’s better to take a moment and start doing the right things to achieve it.

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Today I will tell you what you can do to find what is your passion, from all the things you do, what is what makes you happy when you are working on it, so you can focus on it and that will be your first step on building your business.

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Mayi Carles is right when she says, our “super power” or passion is what people come to us for, it’s that what makes us irresistible and unforgettable, it’s that in which we outshine everyone else. But most of all, it’s because we enjoy doing it.

how to discover your passion

What do I like to do?

In order to discover what is our passion, we need to take a moment, sit down, and write down on a paper a list of things we enjoy doing, don’t miss any, each one it’s important.

Be sure to make this list as long as you need to make it, your art and your crafts are important to you.

What do others like of my art and crafts?

Make a list, also on paper, of what others like of your art and crafts, what things you had made get more compliments, what for your family and friends call you to know if you would make one for them.

What other people ask you about if you made it?

When you go out, and if you are wearing a sweater you knitted, does people ask you if you did it?

I have a friend who makes hand made jewelry, she likes to wear her ear rings, and people stop her to ask her where did she buy them.

I have another friend who is a great baker, whenever we attend to friends party, she uses to bring some pastries, or some amazing croissants with ham and cheese, there is no party where people ask who made them.

All these kind of comments and questions you get from people about your art or your crafts, you must write down on this list.

Things people is willing to pay you for.

Make a list of things of things people is willing to pay you for, and they ask you if you would make one for them.

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Now, we have 3 lists, we need to highlight those things we love to work at, those things we don’t spot working on until we finish.

On the list other people ask us to make one for them, we need to highlight things we gladly can work on one or more, and we also don’t stop until we get them finished them, and we easily deliver them.

This is an important point, many people ask me if I don’t find hard to give one of my quilts or one of my paintings to their new owner, some artist and some crafters find hard to give to others their art. If you want to run a business based on what you do, you need to ask yourself this question before you start.

You also need to highlight on your lists, what you can work on to make more, and what you can set a price on it and people is willing to pay for it.

Then you will find what is your passion!

This is your first step to start your art and crafts business.

I thank you for making the time to read this post, I would love to hear from you now, what is  of all your work that makes you happy when you are working at?

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