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I love to visit a few blogs when I have some free time, or when I’m looking for some inspiration, to tell you the true, I love to visit blogs, there are lots of beautiful blogs, lots of quite interesting blogs, so many blogs to visit.

Once I found one interesting and/or beautiful, I like to go back and visit it again, sometimes I spend lots of time on it, I don’t want to tell you to keep track of those blogs to copy, never!, never do it.

But to visit blogs and get inspired or learn from them, that is a Yes!, there are so many talented people out there, I never stop learning from them!

I used to keep those blogs URL on my favorites on my PC, sometimes the list is too long, and most of the time I forget to visit them ever again. Too bad, I’m missing so many good posts.

The first step I made to keep track of those blogs was on Pinterest, I got a board for BLOGS and I got another board for BLOGGING, this last one is like pure gold for me, I’m learning from those post, one post take me to the next one, once you start blogging is a non stop learning point. There is so much to learn about this subject, everyday there’s new things to learn.

My list to keep track of the blogs you are interested to visit often would start with Pinterest, open a board to keep track of the blog post you want to go back and read them again.

Then I found BLOGLOVIN, I got my account there, and I began to build up the list of the blogs I’m interested on. It works fantastic!, once I found one blog I’m interested to follow I add its URL to my blog list, and Bloglovin sent me a “Your daily feed from Bloglovin”, I can keep track of the latest post  from my blog list.

There are more options you can use to follow those fantastic blogs you are interested on.





But if you have your blog on BLOGGER, there is a way to follow the blogs you are interested on.

I have a blog on blogger, I love to do illustration, I use to call it my little blog, but you never know, it might hit big one day, I will use this little blog to show you how to follow other blogs from blogger.

how to follow blogs, 1

Go to your blog, and click on Design

how to follow a blog, 2

Click on My Blogs

how to follow a blog, 3

Click on ADD

how to follow a blog, 4

Copy the URL of the blog you are interested to follow and past it.

how to follow a blog, 5

Click on ADD, this way you will build up your blog’s list, every time a blog makes a new post, it will show on the top of this list.

Building up a list of the blogs you are interested on, will save you a lot of time surfing the internet trying to get to know what everybody is posting new, you will get the updates and you can focus on your own blog and your business.

I hope this tip will help you to work better and keep focused on your own blog.

If you have any question, feel free to comment, I’ll respond soon.

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