How to get an income promoting other artists’ Art

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Society6, it is open to all of us to become curators. Sounds interesting, while we work on our art and our web sites, we can promote others artists’ art and get a % every time Society6 makes a sale, they will give you the % from its profits, not from the artists’ sale, the price will be the same to the customer, sharing a % on Society6 profit won’t change the final price to the customer,  it sounds fair to me. Promoting other artists work is a way to give artists to make a sale or two,  it’s a way to keep small entrepreneurs working to reach their dreams. When you buy their art, you will get a beautiful article to display at your home, but you also buy a little piece of the artist’s dreams. become a curator If you already have a site where you work on affiliates market, you might want to promote artists work and add some more dollars to your income, if you already have a Society6 account you can sign in to get your curator link, if you have not a Society6 account yet, even you don’t make any art to sale on this site, you can join to become a curator, you can read more about this here. Today I open my blog for the first time to promote other artists art,

The Earth Laughs In Flowers

by Cat Coquillette Earth laught in flowers

Little And Fierce

by Cat Coquillette little and fierce I thank you for making the time to stop and read my blog. alejandra To learn more about Affiliates Market you always are welcome to join to Wealthy Affiliates and learn from a great training and amazing community, you will learn how to build up your online business and start to earn a passive income.