How to get more Comments on your blog


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How to get more Comments on your blog

Blogging is a lonely job, every time you write a new post, you sit down in front of your computer and you have an idea to write about, you want to build up your dream and blog about it. Because you want to share it, and you also want to build up a dream business.

People will find your blog, and they will read your content, but no comments on your blog, this could be discouraging, as comments can give you a feed back for your blog, for your work and for your dream.

“No Panic!”

If you are on this situation, there are things you can do to start getting comments on your blog and build up your community.

Content is every thing

Are you writing good and valuable content, no matter what is your niche, your content must be interesting and useful for your readers, if your content is a problem solver, your readers will come back to your blog to read more of your content.

Comment on other blogs

Let others bloggers know that you are there, leave comments on other blogs, leave interesting and helpful comments, people who reads others comments will read your comments, and they will jump to your blog to read more from you.

Include call to action, Ask questions

Every time you write a new post, call to action with questions, when your readers read your content, they will get questions they will want to ask you, invite them to leave a question if they have one, if you are sharing a new pattern ask your readers what they would like to make with it, if you are sharing a recipe, ask them if they will make it for a special day, there are always good questions to invite people to answer.

Ask to Share, Tweet and Pin

And don’t forget to ask your readers to share, tweet and pin your post too if they found it helpful (make sure your buttons to do so are in an easy to find spot right underneath preferably)! This is crucial to expanding your community because you’re now getting in front of your fan’s friends. Ask, and you shall receive. Expanding your community = new comments from people you haven’t met before.

I thank you for making the time to read my blog. As I know how important comments are for our blogs, I want to share these free “Thanks For Your Comments” banners, click on each one to save them, share them on your  blog side bar, always be nice to your readers and thanks their comments.

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